Palermo, Sicily- Botanical Garden and the Waterfront

Sicily was very hot, and when I dragged boyfriend around the waterfront to see the cool thingy (some kind of castle gate that was open accessible a few hours a day because Europe) I did feel like might actually spontaneously combust.

Water front

I’m not sure it’s really worth it to visit the marina, although the boats are pretty, as we got to see some art (bit of a Whiteread knock off), it’s near a busy road and there’s not much to see.

Afterwards we had a couple of hours before our train so we headed to the botanical garden.  I had read a few mediocre reviews so we weren’t expecting much and, although there were some nice plants, trees,and fountains, it was quite limited.

botanical garden.jpg

It’s a reasonable size but it didn’t feel like there was much to see, we were given a bad map in Italian, and got a bit lost on the wiggly paths. It would have been nice if there had been more places to sit, as well as somewhere in the garden to get a drink.  There was just a vending machine before you went in.

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