Palermo, Sicily- Pickpockets

I don’t want to bring the party down or anything but I thought I should mention the annoying thing that happened to Boyfriend when we were on holiday.  We were traveling on the bus from our hotel in Palermo to the Palermo train station, looking like mega tourists with all of our luggage and pale skin.  The bus was super crowded and every one was bashing into everyone else, after a few stops I realised that I was an idiot and we had got on the wrong bus (d’oh). When we got off boyfriend realised that his wallet was missing.

We checked all the bags and returned to the hotel to check it wasn’t there, it wasn’t and the only conclusion was that it had been stolen from his pocket. Luckily, there wasn’t much money it in but he had to cancel his cards, and I had to pay for everything for the rest of the holiday.  He also lost his return train ticket from the airport, and his annual train pass meaning had to pay again for his train tickets until the new pass arrived.

All things considered it could have been a lot worse, he could have lost more money, or his passport, we could have both lost our wallets and been totally stuck, and I would much rather be pick pocketed than mugged in an alley. Still, afterwards we read a lot of reviews of the Palermo buses warning people of pick pockets, so my advice is to watch your stuff and don’t keep anything of value in an unzipped pocket.

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