Agrigento, Sicily- Valley of the Temples

From our accommodation in Agrigento we were able to walk to the Valley of Temples, which is basically the reason to go to Agrigento. Firstly it’s not a valley but line of temples sounds less sexy, but they do date from the 5th and 6th centuries BC.  You have to buy tickets, it was about 10 euros for entry, and we paid about 14euros to include the Giardino della Kolymbethra (garden). Agrigento

By the time we got to the garden we were really tired and hungry. The garden was nice but we got lost immediately, there were signs telling you to stay on the paths but it was really hard to tell which were the real paths and the sign posts made no sense.  So we got a bit frustrated there, and the toilet there was upsetting.


It was incredibly hot, which added the effect somewhat, although it was a shame there was so little shade. There is a little train you can get (for a couple of euros) along the ‘valley’ if you struggle with the walking but it isn’t really that far.  And there is a restaurant in the middle to get a drink, and food but we just got an emergency coke and sit down in the shade.


The ‘temples’ ranged from the excellently preserved to a few columns that were found by workmen in the 1920’s and stuck back together with guesswork and hope.  The Temple of Zeus was nothing like what it had been like in it’s peak but you could see the huge sacrifice area (how many cows did the gods need?). And, more impressive was the remains of the stone giants (about 7-8m high) that had once stood between the columns.

Really glad we went to see them.  But Agrigento the town did not offer much excitement, so I would only go if you’re in the area.  Apparently, there is a nice beach nearby but we were only Agrigento for one day and didn’t get chance to visit.

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