Catania, Sicily

CataniaJust some views from around Catania in Sicily.  We spent a day wandering around here, and another exploring Mt Etna.  These top ones are some of the little park near out hotel, and you can see Mt Etna in the background. The park was quite nice for a stroll in the evening, and I played my favourite game of standing next to the sprinklers and waiting for them to rotate around and spray me.  It was quite warm out!  Also in the park they had the date spelt out in tiny hedges everyday.


We were wandering around the town on a Sunday which was not the best day to explore as most attractions are closed, including these remains of a Roman amphitheater, which must have been huge.  We could see them from the outside but couldn’t wander down in them, but I’m not sure we would have gained anything from that.  There is another amphitheater in Catania but it’s more hidden and was also closed on Sundays. Collages4

And some extra shots. We hit all the town’s attractions (that were marked on our little map given to us at the hotel) by lunchtime.  It’s definitely much more attractive and interesting that my hometown but it’s not as bustly as Palermo. There is a lot of elephant statues.  It’s also quite far from Taomina which is the fancy beach resort that we though we could visit but couldn’t.

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