Top 5 Things About Rome

I really liked Rome, it’s a big bustly city with lots to see and do.  The buildings are beautiful, and there’s lots of history you can see just by wandering around.  The sunshine and yummy food didn’t hurt either.  Here’s my Rome top 5:

  1. Roman Forum and Colloseum
    I really liked the Roman Forum, I guess most people visiting Rome will head to the Colloseum which is worth a visit but the Roman Forum next door is an amazing example of the history of Rome.
  2. Gelato!!!
    Why is ice cream in the UK so lame compared to the Italian gelato?  Why can’t we do it how they do, I guess that, in a country where 23 degrees is cause for celebration there is less of an investment of time in ice cream technological development than in Italy, but still.  It’s worth going to Rome just for the gelato!
  3. Olympic Stadium
    The former Olympic stadium is a bit out of the way, but I enjoyed my visit.  A bit niche this one as it really for us Olympic nerds trying to collect stadiums but it was interesting to see all the old Mussolini propaganda in mosaic form.
  4. Rome Zoo
    We spent an enjoyable few hours wandering around the Rome zoo, where all the animals were hiding from the the hot mid-day sun.
  5. The Vatican
    It’s hard to avoid a trip to the Vatican, but the queues are pretty epic.  If you’re planning to visit bear that in mind, entry to the Basilica is free but we paid to jump the queue and got an audio tour.  The Basilica is very impressive inside but full of other tourists, and a few nuns being religious who almost seemed out of place in the tourist throng.





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