Super Short Trip To London


We had the shortest of all trips to London when we were traveling to  a wedding in Sussex and had a 3omin walk through the capital from one train station to another.  Hopefully, we can go back and have a proper mosey around because it’s been about 4 years since I went down there.

It’s a city of statues, as you can see from the above collage.  Not photographed was the statue in honour of apprentice plumbers that was at Canon Street Station.


And some random photographs that I took whilst boyfriend shouted at me for wasting time taking pictures when we had a train to catch…men…You’ve got some possibly tudor, possiblr fake tudor buildings, a red bus, a plaque, a blue spikey thing, the undergound, some Boris bikes, the shard,  St Paul’s Cathedral, a shop covered in grass, and the star signs on Bracken House.  Basically, all London has to over.

And some selfies!


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