Tenerife- Siam Park (Waterpark)

thursday-siam-parkI was looking forward to Siam Park the most in our trip to Tenerife, it’s a large waterpark with a mixture of gentle and thrill rides.  And when in the UK is is ever going to hot enough to walk around all day in a swimming costume and get splashed with cold water. It was 58 euros for two for of us for the basic ticket (you can get a twin ticket for Loro Parque which is the big zoo, but that it quite far away, or a premium ticket which includes lunch and towels).  I think the price was pretty good, given how clean and well maintained everything felt, there is also a free bus that picks up and drops off at the main tourist hot spots.  Lockers and towels are extra which is annoying, but we just took our own towels.  And we booked through attraction.tix, which included a 5euro voucher each for lunch or shops.  Lunch was pretty good too, we got a slice of pizza, a hotdog, some fries, a can, and bottle of water for 15euros (only 5euros with out vouchers), in the UK it would have been twice as much.


Unfortunately, given that it’s all splish splashy everywhere, I left my phone/camera in my locker and therefore didn’t get many pictures of the rides.  Certainly, I couldn’t get any of us on them.  The only one where I think you would be allowed to take stuff on is the Mai-Thai river (above) which is the most chilled out/ boring of all the rides, as you just float downstream in a dinghy.  The water is only a few feet deep, and the biggest danger is sunburn or bashing into the other 50,000 dinghies floating past.

Something to note is that you sat in dinghy type things as you went down, some were individual and you grabbed yourself at the start, but for the extreme rides they have them at the top and they usual sat 2 or 4 people.  As we were a 2 we were paired with other 2s and were sat quite snugly with people we’d never met before as we went down.  If you were a 5 one person would have to stand to the side and wait for a slot to open up which might take a while, just something to bear in mind.

You can’t take anything on the rides, and for most of the rides you have to climbs lots of steps to get to the top and then you ride down and finish at the bottom.  So if you’re wearing flip flops then you’ll need to leave them at the bottom of the steps and collect them when you’re done.  This is what boyfriend did, I just walked about barefoot and was fine, but they also sell water shoes that you can wear on the rides for about 8 euros.


We started with the Tower of Power (above) when we arrived, they give you a paper map which would obviously last about 3 seconds in a water park so we ditched that and just wandered onto rides.  Tower of Power is one of the thrill rides, you shoot down almost vertically 27metres and go through an aquarium on your way out.  But you go through so fast you don’t really get to see any fishes or have time to be scared.  And that was my criticism of the rides, none of them lasted long enough, I was just starting to get scared or excited and it would end.

My favourites were ones like Dragon or Singha where you are hurtled around a bit more first, in the best possible way.  On the website they describe Dragon as a vertical funnel, and you do feel like you’re swooshing down a giant plughole. I really enjoyed the park though, and recommend if you are in the area. We went in late September (it was still at least 28 degrees) and it was busy but very manageable, our longest queue was 10mins.  I think in the summer in peak season you would be waiting an hour to get on each ride, probably burning up in the hot sun, and then be a bit disappointed when in only lasted a few seconds.

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