Hotel Gran Tecande and Going 5*


We wanted a super relaxing holiday when we went to Tenerife, but not a boozy Tenerife holiday, boyfriend was very clear that he wanted to stay somewhere ‘nice’.  So we decided to stay in uptown Costa Adeje, away from the boozy Las Americas but where it was kinda pricey.

We went for the Hotel Gran Tecande which is 5*.  It is pretty huge, although was far form capacity when we stayed there in September, and has a very impressive entry way, but one where I doubt anyone actually ever sits and therefore is entirely for show. There were a couple of different bars, which all played really loud live music every night, and it was really hard to get any sleep what with boyfriend constantly complaining about the noise.


Our bedroom was a nice size with a huge bed, that European thing of putting two beds together which is normally fine but in this case they kept moving further apart!   I really liked the bathroom, the sinks, toilet, bath, and shower were all separate so you don’t have to wait for the other person to use the bathroom.  Although what the hell is this thing about putting glass doors on toilets???

The pool was disappointing, it wasn’t very big or deep and was only open 10-6pm, and you couldn’t use floats (it looked bigger on the pictures).  If the hotel had been full I think the pool would have been human soup*.  Location wise the hotel was in the nice place, only a few minutes from the beach and right next to a bunch of restaurants and a small supermarket.


There were definitely impressive parts of the hotel but a lot we didn’t use or need, and therefore the cost seemed more a little much.  I was looking forward to chilling by the pool but I couldn’t get any evening swims.  The live music was painful, it finished at about 11pm-11:30pm each night so not too late but surprising to have it on each weeknight.  Also there were two nights on at the same time competing with each other to audiences of about 5 people.

*boyfriend’s mum uses this phrase apparently, and I’m kind of loving it

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