Santa Cruz Tenerife

We took a bus from the South of the island to the North to visit the capital Santa Cruz.  It’s much more like ‘real’ Tenerife, whatever that means.  Or  maybe Tacky Town in Little England on the South side is actually the ‘real’ Tenerife and Santa Cruz is the anomaly.

Spain is not the best for bus timetables (they don’t have them and when they do their incomprehensible) but I’m sure it said it would take 1.5hrs.  It actually took more like 2hrs, plus the initial bus ride from Costa Adeje to the bus station.

collages7We set of late and the first bus was late so by the time we got there it was lunchtime.  So we wandered from the bus station until we found a place with wifi- stole their wifi to find somewhere nicer to eat, which was closed so we went to a burger place around the corner.


Afterwards we walked down to the Marina and saw the boats, and also got tangled in tape as they were preparing for a race that had something to do with a giant inflatable bottle of Coke.  We took a stroll through a couple of parks which had odd bits of ‘art’ in them before heading to the Santa Cruz Ramblas.  Not sure if they normally have people out selling things like in Barcelona but we were there during siesta time so it was pretty quiet.  They did also have some ‘art’ such as the big red balls hanging from the trees (see above).


We were thinking of checking out the Botanical gardens but we were quite tired from walking around in the hot sun and had a long bus ride ahead of us so we headed back.  I was also having a nice allergic reaction to some sun block which hadn’t put me in the best mood!

So it’s a shame we didn’t get more time in Santa Cruz to explore it properly, but it was quite a tiring day.

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2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Tenerife

  1. What a great looking trip! Spain has such a wonderful culture 😍


  2. Loved your collage n the post was very enjoyable and insightful


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