Sicily Vs Tenerife

Sicily a large island off Italy, and Tenerife part of Spain but nearer to North Africa offer quite different holiday experiences.

Main Attractions


Aggrigento, Sicily                        Siam Park, Tenerife

One of the main attractions in Sicily is the temple ruins in Aggrigento and we took the train across the island to visit them.  They were impressive and fun, although it was incredibly hot. In Tenerife we went to Siam Park, which was my highlight, which is a big water park.  In October, the queues were minimal, I think in the height of summer it would have been pretty hellish though.



Etna, Sicily                                              Tiede, Tenerife

Sicily has Mt Etna, Tenerife has Tiede.  We took the trip to the top of Mt Etna (not really the top but as high as you can go), which was really too expensive for what you got and sort of a waste of a day. Not a mistake we made in Tenerife where we just looked up and thought I wonder which of those pointy bits is the actual volcano.



Palermo, Sicily                           Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Sicily definitely had a more arty and cultural feel, but that’s not really why people go to Tenerife.  The small art gallery we visited in Palermo had a weird fixation with a breast feeding Virgin Mary.  Tenerife had a lot of statues of animals like big prawns or crocodiles.  It’s up to you which you find more entertaining I suppose.



Pizza, Sicily                Paella and Club Sandwich,    Tenerife

Oh Spain, why do you hate the veggies so much, what did we ever do to you?  In Italy and Sicily I had no problems finding food, and it was all covered in cheese (ok vegans might struggle).  In Tenerife, I thought I would do ok as it’s like England but warmer and all the menus were in English.  But then I remembered how hard it is to find veggie food in England.  There was always something I could get but mainly at the Italian restaurants!

Old Vs New


Catania, Sicily                            Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Sicily, obviously has had new developments and shops and what not but still sells itself on it’s history as you can see from the ruined Roman arena in the middle of modern day Catania.  Tenerife (on the South side anyway) seems obsessed with newness and building and expanding new touristy bits. Although in a weird way it all looks stuck in a bygone era of the 1980’s when traveling from the UK to Tenerife was the height of glamour and excitement.


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