A Walk In Kirkby Stephen

Boyfriend and I took a little trip to Kirkby Stephen for a walk on his birthday.  We lucked out with the weather which was cold but dry, although the muddy streams that used to be paths were evidence of the rain earlier in the week, and there was still some snow on the tops of the mountains.

We went on the Poetry Walk which is a short walk around the river. There’s a stanza on a stone tablet for each month about the farming year.  Above is Jan – April. We kept walking past them and missing them but we did manage to get all 12.

They were pretty hard to decipher, the text was written in swirly cursive and many were now covered in mud and moss. What we did read wasn’t exactly the best poetry ever, not sure it necessarily it actually counted as poetry. But I do like the idea.

Above is Sept – Dec.  And below is the snow on the mountains.


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