Scarborough and Filey

1480274546557.jpgWe were in the area so we took a drive to Scarborough to have a little walk on the beach.  A very cold, windy walk on the beach in November.  Scarborough is an odd place as it is a weird mixture of nice and very tacky all in the row along the sea front.

Boyfriend wanted more quality control, I just wanted some more consistency.  If you’re gonna go tacky, just go full on tacky and really commit.  That being said it was a cold Sunday morning and there were plenty of people milling around so it’s clearly doing better than some of our other seaside towns.1480274740835.jpgWe walked along the marina and all the boats, and I quite liked the look of all the crab net things all piled up together. Although they did have that lovely fish stench…1480274852628.jpg

We then headed down the coast (or possible up, I have no idea where anything is) and had another little walk on the beach.   This beach was rather more picturesque, there certainly wasn’t any slot machines.  Although a drunk guy did shout at me for taking a photo of the beach, not entirely sure why though…1480274960744.jpg


After the beach we walked up the road and through a little garden, where there were cutesy little displays, and also a cat.


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