New Year, New Travel Plans

Ok, so we don’t really have any plans as such…but my birthday is in April and it is the big 3-0 so I wanted to go away for it.  I haven’t really been away for my birthday the past few years, apart from travelling to and from Glasgow as my little niece’s birthday is only 4 days before mine.  But this year I want to have a special trip for my birthday, and April is a nice time to travel.  The weather is getting better (erm in the Northern hem anyway) and it’s much cheaper than a summer hol (erm as long as you miss the Easter hols).I had for a long time wanted to go to Japan for my 30th but we decided that would be too expensive and difficult, and we would want longer off work to really see the country.  We’ve done a lot of Europe recently so I turned my attention to America.

I went with my mum when I was 18 on a package trip through New England to see the leaves changing.  I was about 30-50yrs younger than the other travellers, and I didn’t care about what colour the leaves were, in fact they hadn’t ever changed yet.  We stayed in 7 hotels in 12 days and I felt tired and ill for the entire trip.  Being British everything American seemed cool and exciting, and being young I really wanted to go to New York.  We had about 1.5 days in New York, the two mornings were spent on a coach tour and a boat tour respectively, and I spent the afternoon in bed feeling ill.

When I was 27 I spent my birthday in San Fransisco as part of a really awesome three week long road trip, we drove from SF to Yosemite, to Death Valley, to Las Vegas, to the Hoover Dam, to LA, and back up the coast to SF. Because of sunshine and Pinkberry frozen yoghurt I think my heart belongs to California…But we had about 2.5 days in New York first.  We did the obvious touristy stuff, we visited Ellie Island and The Statue of Liberty (both cool, book ahead), we went to the top of the Rockerfella Centre for the amazing view, and we wander through a boring Central Park (maybe I missed something, but it was the end of March so everything still looked pretty dead), and we stopped into the Natural History Museum where I tried to hide from the 4 million school children that were visiting that day.

I didn’t think I would want to go back actually, but we are.  We’ll get sushi, and frozen yoghurt, we’ll visited MOMA, and walk along the High Line, we’ll stay in Brooklyn skateboard to hipster book shops at midnight…or something along those lines…I was half thinking we could visit the tennis centre at Flushing Meadow where the US Open is played but it might be too much.  We’re going to spend 4 or so days in New York and about the same in Washington DC.  I’ve never been there, but they will be having their Cherry Blossom Festival over this time which I am looking forward to…who needs Kyoto?

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