Holiday Books- Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively

I want to share some good books that you might like to read on your hols, especially if they have some travel relevance.  Moon Tiger, moves around in time, with much of the ‘action’ taking place in war time Egypt.  It’s also not too long so a good one for a relaxing trip.  I did a fuller review on my other blog, but really you should just read the book!


Claudia Hampton is old and dying in hospital, and is planning to write ‘a history of the world’.  She is after all a famous history writer and former war correspondent.  But this history of the world is actually her own history, somehow inexorably linked.

Moon Tiger weaves it’s way forwards and backwards through her memories, and then back to hospital in the present day.  Her relationship with her brother Gordon is hot and cold.   She describes it as narcissistic love as she sees so much of herself in him.  Although their relationship is a main theme of her past, the more shocking elements are only briefly suggested.  It’s her love affair with Tom, who she met in wartime Egypt and who died there that seems to have the greater effect on her, certainly she did not seem to leave the war unscathed.

I liked this book, although found our protagonist a little tough to take at times, although she acknowledges she wasn’t the most nurturing mother she also constantly criticises her daughter.  She is also fairly awful to, and about, her sister-in-law which annoyed me.  I felt Sylvia was a little hard done to.


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