London Packing

It seems like only 10mins ago I was packing for Riga, but here I am again jet setting. This time only to London but it will cost about as much and take about as long to get there…

We’ll be there from Thursday 1pm until 7pm Saturday, and we expect it to be chilly but dry.  I’m only taking a backpack (I do have a mini backpack just to use as a day bag), so it all has to fit in there.  Below is my non-clothes items:

Day Bag
Plastic Wallet with mini notebook
Two Books
Phone Charger (used my phone to take the photo!)
Digital camera
35mm camera (and extra film)

Train pass
Lip Balm


And my clothes:

New awesome dinosaur top
Pink stripey top
Purple dress
Green cardigan
Black Jeans
Black shirt

Blue T-shirt
Long sleeve red top
Black t-shirt
Blue skirt
Brown striped dress



Stay tuned for tales from London!

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