About Me

Swimming at Lapad Beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Growing up I was always lucky enough to be drag against my will on family holidays abroad so through my childhood I traveled to France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and probably some others I’ve forgotten.

In 2007, I went to China for a week to visit my sister and probably ranks up there with exotic destinations for Westerners to visit.  But, a trip I took with boyfriend in 2012 to Barcelona was quite special as it felt like the first grown up holiday (without the family) I’d been on.

It was a somewhat mitigated success but it did kick start my battle with the wanderlust.  I just wanted to travel, to go to new places.  I love planning holidays more than anything I think.   I love pouring through all the things we can do there and piecing it altogether.  When I know the bus to take to get from the airport to the accommodation it all starts to feel real.

I can’t afford to go traveling for real, but I can’t stop myself splurging on holidays.  So I thought I’d be productive and create something.  I can use the millions on photographs I’ve taken, as well as offer up some tips from the places I’ve been in the past few years, whilst planning out the next vacation.


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