Analogue Photos Of Durham

I took my Analogue Camera with me when I went to Durham recently so I could shoot some 35mm photos, and here’s how they turned out!

We also went to Beamish which is an open air ‘living’ museum, where there is an 1820’s colliery, a 1940’s farm, and a 1900’s town etc. Here are the pics I got back when I got the film developed.

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Hotel Indigo- Durham


Our stay in Durham was at the Hotel Indigo.  When I was looking up hotels I was a little surprised at how few came up but lucky for us Hotel Indigo was one of them.  We paid £207 for two nights at the weekend for a decent sized double room.  It’s all quite jazzily decorated with microscopes, and scientific and astronomical pictures around the bedroom.  My one critique (of this hotel and every other I’ve stayed in) was that the pillows were super uncomfortable.


Around the rest of the hotel are more prints, as well as tiling, and stained glass.  The building used to university offices and that is apparent in the stained glass designs, as well as the coat hooks that were dotted around.  Our included breakfast was pretty decent, there was a continental buffet as well as a hot food menu.  We didn’t go for dinner in the hotel restaurant as it was a Marco Pierre White Steakhouse which I didn’t think would be great for veggies. But overall it was a great stay.



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Durham Cathedral


We spent the Spring Bank Holiday in Durham which has some lovely old buildings combined with Greggs and Pound Shops.  It is also over run with obnoxious students.  But anyway, we only really had one day in Durham and spent the morning in the Cathedral.  This is an impressive building from the 11 century and home to shrine of St Cuthbert.  It has been expanded several times over the last few centuries and boyfriend was concerned that they’d never be able to fill it for the services.  Still there were quite a few tourists like us wandering around.


You aren’t allowed to take photographs inside but you can get a glimps of the interior via this nice Lego reproduction on display in the gift shop.  Yes there is a gift shop, and cafe, and toilets all of which are pointed out to you several times while you’re there.  We also paid £7.50 each to look around the ‘Open Treasure’ exhibition.  This houses various artifacts from the cathedrals history, as well as allowing you to see the old Monks dormitory and kitchen spaces.  We spent a good few hours there before heading off for some lunch.

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Packing For Durham


Another mini-break, this time to Durham and Beamish!  I’ve never been to Durham, it’s not huge but it has a Cathedral and Castle.  We’re only going for two nights so I don’t need loads of clothes, and I’m clearly over packing!  The weather has been HOT but has cooled a little leaving me in a quandry as to what to take.  So I’m taking jeans, shorts, and a dress.  Also a long sleeve top, two t-shirts, a cardigan, and a hoody.  And then underwear, PJs, shoes, a day bag, toiletries, camera, and a book.

This includes what I’ll wear to work on Friday and then wear to travel to Durham, so it’s three days worth of clothes.  So it’s not quite as crazy as it seems.  Below is my travel outfit and the Blacks City 30 bag I use for these little trips.


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Hebden Bridge

We took an enjoyable day trip to Hebden Bridge on the May Bank holiday weekend, and finally getting around to writing about it.


We started with lunch, or course, at Green’s vegetarian cafe.  Boyfriend got a mezze, and I got a tofu sandwich which was pretty yummy.  The cafe is very cute, and it’s our go-to place in Hebden (erm…we’ve been there twice).


After a stroll through town, we decided to go off the beaten path and walk along the canal (along with everyone else…).  I was pretty gosh darn tired after doing a long run in the morning, and it was hot, so I was flagging a bit. So we headed back, and walked through Calder Holmes Park to the train station and enjoyed all the cherry blossom (my favourite thing ever).


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London Vs Paris

I thought I’d do a little comparison between two great capital cities; London and Paris, having fairly recently visited both.  We may think of Europe and it’s strange foreign ways as being a totally different universe but what was remarkable was how similar they both were!


paris vs london1

Both of these cities are old.  London dates back to about 50 AD, but Paris was a small fishing village in around 250 BC.  Obviously, things have change, grown, and developed since then but not surprisingly there are plenty of impressive old buildings still standing.  On the right is St Paul’s Cathedral in London, and on the left is Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Construction start on Notre Dame in 1163, and St Paul’s was consecrated in 1300.  They both remain big tourist attractions.  Of course construction continues and St Paul’s is now crowded by modern buildings.  In Paris, there seems to be less of these modern abominations and more of the old town.



Paris drove me a little crazy as it was so busy.  This may be the main way it reminded me of London; there were people everywhere. It was always busy.  Apart from Sunday morning when it was absolutely dead!


paris vs london

Ah, food!  The most important thing!  The main problem for me in France is the lack of vegetarian food.  The UK isn’t always fantastic but at least I know I can go into any restaurant and they will be able to provide me with something I can eat.  Not so in France where meat remains a staple.  Our trip to London was quite hipstery and I did eat my first smashed avocado on toast with poached egg.  In Paris, the avocado did feature on a few menus although Google translate thought advocat toast was a toast lawyer…I did get some camembert though. In Paris a lot of the restaurants closed at 2pm and reopened at 7pm which was a little annoying, and weirdly they give you bread with your as not as a starter.  Both cities are expensive!


paris vs london2

On the right I’m at the British Museum, on the left is The Louvre.  Both London and Paris have a range of large art galleries and museums.  They both get busy at peak times, they both have great exhibitions, they are all worth a visit.  The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum in London are all free. The Lourve costs 17euro, The Cite des science et de l’industrie costs 12euro, the Musee d’Orsay costs 12euros, the Centre Pompidou costs 14euros.  That’s your difference.

In conclusion, they are both beautiful, interesting, busy, expensive, exciting places to visit.  In my mind London wins, because if I lived in France I might starve!

What do you think?  Any preference?

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Day Trip To Hull


I went to Hull on a cold, but sunny Saturday at the end of February with my mum,  We mainly went to visit the Ferens Art Gallery but we took a little stroll around town first.  Hull was UK city of culture in 2017, and as soon as we had stepped off the train we were greeted by Philip Larkin quotes in the station.  There were 100 mosiac birds on the wall of the station, and we saw some fishing themes arts by the Marina.


We walked in the icy wind to the Marina, and in the direction of the Minerva Hotel for lunch.  This is a pub hotel not a fancy hotel.  Due to high tides they had some drain issues and the smell on entering was very toilety.  But we moved to a different room and it was fine.  I had a very nice but unhealthy Broccoli Bake (lots of cheese and potatoes), and chips.  After lunch mum wanted to see ‘the old town’, and directed me towards the Wilberforce Museum which was the opposite direction and the other side of a big horrid road.  So we sort of meandered along and found the Hull Minister and some cute olde time looking streets nearby and found some vintage shops.


Through my very careful navigating/luck we ended up at the art gallery without too much effort.  By this point the wind had died down and it was a lovely sunny, clear day.  This is Hull Town Hall I believe.

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Feren’s Art Gallery, Hull

I went on a trip with my mum to Hull, primarily to visit the Feren’s Art Gallery.  The gallery itself isn’t very big which was fine as we only had a few hours to spend in Hull.  It’s a free gallery, with a cafe and shop.


The shop is fairly small, and the staff in the cafe were all slightly bored weekend teenagers.  Also the awesome looking pink doughnut I got had weird pink (strawberry?) goo in the middle of it which was a disappointment.  I would also like to be on record as querying the sense of sticking a bunch of kids toys in a small gallery where kids were charging around screaming with no adult supervision apart from their useless parents (there were toys on top of sculptures that I had to remove because I used to work in an art gallery).


The art was mainly the old ‘European Masters’, I saw they have a Bagpuss exhibition upcoming which would have excited me more.  The temporary exhibit was The Open, which was a range of pieces submitted by amateurs and professionals.  So it was a range of styles, subjects, and medium.  There was rows of tiny bottles in shades of grey, photographs of the sea, and a painting of Captain Picard.  It was quite cool to see.  The Open is on until the 22nd April.

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Running In The Country


In the past year, since I moved house to live out in the sticks, I have been taken my runs surrounded by the beautiful countryside.  So yes, obvs, I stopped my runs every time to take photographs of the country…and myself.  20170221_095257

This exciting photo of sheep was taken on the top of a but hill which I can no longer be bothered to run up.  In the midst of winter as we are, it’s pretty dark when I do my evening runs so you can’t see anything anyway.  And my day time runs on the weekend are usually lashing with rain so it puts me off making the trek up the never ending hill.  The lovely fields and farmland around you means it feels quite isolated, although there are super fast cars zooming past you constantly.Unknown Person

Below is my more common running route, which still involves a hill but less of a hill.  I have, madly, signed up for a 10km run which means I need to get training.  Right now thought I’d quite like another biscuit…20170810_074335

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A Trip To The Peak District

We went on a little trip to The Peak District, we went on a short walk in the very cold windy weather, and then went to a pub for lunch.  I had brie!  Here, are a few snaps of the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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