Packing for Glasgow

It’s coming up to Christmas (I’m scheduling this in advance!) and I’m making my annual trek to Glasgow!

Not much of a trek as my mum is doing the driving but the whole journey is about 5hrs.  So we’re setting off on Thursday afternoon, stopping overnight on the way and then completing the rest of the journey on Friday morning.  We’ll have Friday afternoon and Saturday in Glasgow and then spend Sunday driving back. That means I’ll be away from home for three nights.  And the weather has got a little chilly!

Packing For Glasgow

So here it is.  I’m taking a thick green hoody from Naketano, and a blur stripey jumper also from Naketano.  I love Naketano.  They no longer have a webshop.  This saddens me. I’ve also got an enjoyably flowery shirt from Monki (also like me some Monki).  I have a red long sleeve top, and a pink one. my blue jeans, PJs, tights, socks, and underwear.  I’m also taking my big infinity scarf, gloves, hat (not pictured), my keys, phone, purse.  I’ve also got a couple of Christmas books, one is a non-fiction history of Christmas and one is a Christmas murder mystery.

Non-picture is my Blacks 30l rucksack that I always use now to carry my stuff.  My little day bag (always take a day bag).  And a bags and bags of presents!

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A Christmas Visit To Glasgow

new-folder-2I went to visit sister and brother-in-law in early December, and we took my niece to visit Mrs Claus as Pollock House.  My niece is about 20 months old and I think the experience was somewhat baffling for her but exploring the house was fun.  Continue reading

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Glasgow- The West End

P1030098We got the subway to the West End of Glasgow to find some more independent shops, then what you get in the centre of Glasgow.


I don’t have too many pictures but there are a few interesting vintage and antique shops off Byres Road, down Dowanside Road. We had a fun look around but didn’t actually buy anything in the end.  Also we saw some cats sitting on a car. Collages2

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Glasgow- Topolabamba

P1030110Coming to the end of our visit to Glasgow we stopped for lunch at Topolabamba which is a Mexican restaurant.  We went for tapas, and got Char Roasted Vegetable Tacos, Crab Ceviche Tostadas, Guacomole and Black Bean Tostadas, Poblano Chilli and Crumbly Cheese Taquitos, and Char Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas.

New folder (2)2

We followed it up with Mexican Chocolate Cups with Coconut Cream, which was a rich, dark chocolate mousse in a cup. It was all good (well I didn’t have the crab thingy), especially the Taquitos. With soft drinks it all came to £35, so not the cheapest meal ever (especially as I made boyfriend leave a £5 tip because I thought the service was good), but a nice experience overall.

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Glasgow- The Burrell Collection

The Burrell Collection is situated in Pollock Country Park, and on a nice sunny day it’s quite a nice woodlandsy park.  In fact, when I was last there is was July 2014 when I visited Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and we did the 5km Parkrun in Pollock Park.  But this time around it was pissing it down, so we headed straight into the Burrell Collection to see some arts.


There are 9,000 pieces in the collection, that Sir William Burrell had been collecting for over 80yrs before gifting  to Glasgow in 1944. In, October the collection is being closed for refurbishment there one of the galleries was closed off as they photographed the pieces to catalogue them before they were moved, and the paintings gallery upstairs were closed due to ‘water ingress’.


But there was enough to see, and we had a cranky baby with us who had a limited tolerance for being out that day.  There are tapestries, paintings (including lots of Degas and Monet), Rodin sculptures, stained glass, Asian ceramics, and furniture.

New folder (2)1New folder (2)

We also had a nice lunch in the cafe, boyfriend had fish and chips, I had baked potato and coleslaw, sister had a sandwich and soup, and baby had half a banana.  We wandered through the gift shop too which had fancy looking jewellery and apparel, but not enough cheap stuff for my liking.  I did appreciate the kilt bags though.


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Glasgow- Naked Soup


On a recent trip to Glasgow we went on a little shopping trip to the Westend (we didn’t actually end up buying anything) and our first port of call was somewhere to eat lunch.  We found Naked Soup just off Great Western Road.

It sold soup, would you believe, and also sandwiches.  I ordered the lentil and sweet potato (which came in a cup), it tasted nice but I would have prefered it a bit chunkier.  Boyfriend got a chorizo sandwich and we shared some bread and humous.  I also got an apple as part of their lunch deal (bit odd but not complaining).  I got green tea, and boyfriend got coke and it all came to £11 ish.

It was a tasty, light lunch and I would recommend it, although not if you’re super hungry as it wasn’t that filling.

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Visiting Sports Stadiums- Glasgow

I like sports, and I’m kind of collecting stadiums as I travel the world.  In particular Olympic ones, although I haven’t got very many as they’re in unhelpful places around the world that I don’t visit ever.

Not an Olympic Stadium but the Commonwealth Stadium in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games (it’s the Emirates and Sir Chris Hoy Arena). It had been a heat wave but the weather turned decidedly more Scottish for our trip to the Stadium and we queued for our train in the rain.  We had tickets for the Badminton and it was fun but after 5hrs of badminton we were ready to leave.  I also tried Irn Bru ice cream which is amazing and, annoyingly, not available in England 😦

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

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