5 Best Veggie Meals

The bext Japanese food I’ve had was at Etsu in Liverpool. The yasai gyoza and yasai tempura followed by green tea ice cream.  I haven’t found gyoza as good anywhere else.


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Southport Pier

Southport PierWe took a stroll along the waterfront in Southport and stumbled upon the pier.  It was a nice day and we had a good view out to sea.  The pier is quite wide but there is a little track down the centre for the Southport Pier tram thing which you can pay £2 for.

Boyfriend was amazed by how far out the tide had gone and felt the need to google tide times, working out that the tide must fill up the beach super fast.  Probably impressive to watch but not to be caught in. In fact, in 2004 a group of Chinese cockle pickers were killed when they were caught by a fast incoming tide in Morecambe.

Southport Pier

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Anthony Gormley, Another Place, Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach, Anothony GormleyBoyfriend and I went on a trip to Liverpool and took the train up the coast to Crosby Beach to take a gander at the 100 Anthony Gormley sculptures that are standing on the beach and in the water.  It’s called Another Place and was first shown in Germany in 1997, but was permanently installed at Crosby Beach in 2007.

You can see the effect of the salty sea air and water on the cast iron sculptures, as they have all begun to rust.Another PlaceThe figures are spread out on a huge stretch of beach, and the view is quite striking, and a bit creepy as it just looks like lots of solitary men standing still and staring out to sea (which is what it is, so that makes sense).Crosby Beach

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Liverpool Superlambanana

The Liverpool Superlambanana was not something I had come across before this recent trip but it is a 17ft sculpture cross between a lamb and a banana by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo.  Apparently, both sheep and bananas were common cargo on the city’s docks and it’s also a comment on the dangers of genetic engineering or something…

SuperlambananaAnyway, the full size sculpture has moved around the city a few times and it was a little tricky to find the current location.  But there are a few mini copies near the waterfront and Tate museum.

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Liverpool Waterfront and Curiositites

Liverpool WaterfrontLiverpoolA couple of views of the waterfront of Liverpool around Albert Dock.  I didn’t take many because the rain started to drizzle but the view across to the other side was quite good.

We also found a giant telescope that at one point seemed to do something as it had a simple model of the sun and some planets hanging at the end but its fixed in place now which was a bit disappointing for astro-boyfriend.

And there were a few other things around Liverpool that we found.  The first thing was some cool brightly pidgeons on a building near our hotel.  There were a couple of large cat door knockers on a door to a large building we passed on our way to Etsu the great Japanese restaurant.

Of course the Liver Birds, the mythical creature and symbol of Liverpool, sitting atop the Royal Liver Building.   And George’s Dock; an art deco building near the waterfront.

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Liverpool Tate Art Gallery

The Tate Liverpool is situated in Albert Dock on the waterfront with the Maritime Museum and a bunch of boats, it’s quite nice.  On my last visit they were having a pirate themed weekend which meant that there were loads of people outside but none inside!  Liverpool Tate

The Tate is free apart from the temporary exhibition, which was Pollock which didn’t interest either of us so we just visit the free display.  It was called Constellations- the curators had selected key pieces of art work and then others by different artists that were inspired by them.  To be honest we weren’t over impressed with most of the pieces, I also felt that it was difficult to see how the pieces and artists were connected.

I didn’t take that many photos as I was trying to ‘enjoy the moment’ or something, and also I didn’t like that many.  Still it’s always worth a visit if you’re in the area.Liverpool Tate

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Liverpool- Etsu Japanese Restuarant

So I’m really digging on Japanese food at the moment, and on a recent trip to Liverpool we went to Etsu which was delicious.

I had yasai gyoza (vegetable dumplings) for my starter and yasai tempura (vegetables in batter) for my main, all washed down with green tea served in those cute but slightly impractical tiny ceramic cups.  Boyfriend went for sushimi as usual which, as far as I can see, is just fish on top of rice and not a patch on gyoza, but he liked it.

Liverpool EtsuWe finished the meal with a portion of mochi ice cream balls and another portion of maatcha ice cream.  Mochi is yummy but odd, it has the consistency of chewing gum made out of flour but in a good way, these had ice cream inside but I’m not sure it totally worked as you had to bite right into the ice cream to eat them.  The maatcha ice cream on the other hand was perfect, maatcha is super strong green tea and not the more pleasant thing to taste.  The ice cream had just the right hint of maatcha flavour but was also sweet and really creamy like gelato.

For two starters, two mains, and two deserts we spent about £50, which I don’t think is bad.

It’s within walking distance of the waterfront which meant we could have a nice walk after dinner.

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