Shopping in Manchester

Just a few shots from around Manchester. We wandered around the Northern Quarter where there are plenty of alternative, vintage, second hand, and ‘cool’ shops. I really like Manchester, shame it’s £30 return on the train.

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Earth Cafe, Manchester

Just a little shout out for Earth Cafe in Manchester which is a veggie cafe where they do a different menu everyday and you get 4 things for £6.  When we were there it included Dhal, Koftas, Roulade, Veg, Salad, Coleslaw, Rice etc. The food was nice although not filling enough for me so I got vegan chocolate cake and icecream to finish.


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Manchester- Peachy Keens Buffet!

As a rule I typically avoid buffet places as I think the food is pretty mediocre and yet you somehow end up eating 12 times more than you normally would because it is all you can eat.

Arndale Manchester

But after a long and tiring weekend we were walking though the print works in Manchester which is an old print works (duh!) which is now full of restaurants. It was about 4:45pm and we managed to get in for ‘lunch’ which was £9.99 and less than we would have paid anywhere else so I agreed to take a look.

Peachy Keens

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked and very hungry so we got a table and then dug in!  As with most buffets there was a range of cuisine (curry, stir-fry, pasta, pizza, grill, tepenyaki, salad, and desert) and a decent amount of veggie food.  Some of food, especially the chips, suffers from being left under a heat lamp but I got three plates full!

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