Newcastle- The Baltic and The Bridges

Baltic We just popped into the Baltic art gallery and spent our time mainly in the shop!  But we did head into one gallery where there was a fun exhibition about the moon.  Further up there’s a viewing platform with a great view over the Tyne.  The sky was so clear but our big problem all day was the sun in our eyes! Would you believe it was January when these pictures were taken?

Below is a view of Millennium Bridge with the Baltic to the right hand side of it.


These are pics of the Tyne Bridge (Newcastle is very bridgey!).

And The Sage which is a music venue and quite an eye-catching building. Very shiny.The Sage Newcastle

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Newcastle and The Angel Of The North




Collages1Well we couldn’t go to Newcastle without visiting the Angel of the North. It’s a pretty awesome sculpture by Anthony Gormley that’s been up since 1998.  It’s just south of Newcastle off the A1 but we managed to miss it on our way into the city.  But when we caught it on the way back we got the sunset as a great background.

It’s 20m tall, has a wingspan of 54m, and weighs 200 tonnes.Angel of The North

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Scrumpy Willow and Singing Kettle in Newcastle

Scrumpy Willow NewcastleWell I always do a bit ‘o research prior to leaving the house as to where I will be able to eat..especially (but not limited to) when I go somewhere new.  So before heading to Newcastle for the day I looked up veggie restaurants and found Scrumpy Willow and Singing Kettle.  The name is off-putting in my book but it looked good on the website so we went there for lunch.

It isn’t actually all veggie, there are a couple of eat/fish options so you’re weird meat-eating friends, who would happily wrestle a cow to the death for dinner but are terrified of a cheese sandwich, will be taken care of. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and there was a laid back atmosphere.

Scrumpy Willow

I got feta and spinach crepes and boyfriend got sausage and mash.  Mine was delicious, boyfriend said he was ‘ok’.  So maybe their strength lies with the veggie cooking, although as usual I could have eaten 3 portions!

We both got smoothies which were really nice and motivated me to start smoothie-ing again when I got home.  I also ate the lime and coconut cheesecake which I found a bit too sweet but other people may like that.

In summary: I liked this place.

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