The Good City of Oxford and It’s Food!

Whilst we were in Oxford we ate food!  It’s a little habit I picked up somewhere along the way and am finding it hard to stop.  So on the Saturday we ate both lunch and dinner (we went wild!).

PiemeisterFor lunch we wandered around for a bit before wandering into the covered market where we found the Piemeister place. It was a nice but small and full place so we had to squeeze into a window seat next to a couple who were clearly taking up more than their share of the space…They do pies there, with sides like mash, gravy etc but you have to buy the sides separately which aggravates me.  There were only two veggie ones and I got the non-mushroom one which was feta and something.  Boyfriend got beef I think, but we both had to wait about 10mins for them to finish on the oven which would have been fine but mine wasn’t hot when it arrived.  The pie itself was fine but dry and didn’t have that much feta in it, the mash was good though.  Boyfriend said his pie was just ok.  It came to about £15 for pies, mash, and drinks for two.

For dinner we headed to Summertown which is a suburb of Oxford, we figured Oxford would be a nightmare to park in.  But being Saturday we found it hard to get a table in Summertown and Joe’s Bar and Grill was the only place.  As a veggie I wasn’t expecting much from a grill, and there weren’t that many options, but I got a veggie burger that was pretty good.  Again sides were separate so it all ends up costing more than you’d like but this was Oxford where everything costs more than you’d like.  The staff there seemed friendly and really on the ball and the atmosphere was relaxed but kind of fancy. Boyfriend got ribs and said they were perfect. It came to about £30 for both of us to get mains and drinks.

Joes Bar and Grill Summertown Oxford

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Photos of Oxford

Here are a few snaps of Oxford taken with my Mini Diana F+ which is a tricky little camera to master hence the craziness of the snaps!  These are the most normal pics!  The first two are when we’d just stepped off the bus, and the third is the Botanical Garden (which I wouldn’t recommend!).

Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos

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