Bounce Below- Trampoline Caverns in Wales

Bounce Below is in Llechwedd Slate Cavern in North Wales, and they have filled it with three levels of bouncy nets which act like trampolines/bouncy castles! We booked our tickets a few days before hand and when we arrived we just had to collect a helmet and ride in the little train into the cavern.

There are tunnel ladders and shoots to get from level to the other.  The shoots were slightly terrifying as they seemed to be an almost vertical drop when you first go down and the netting wraps tightly around you.  But it was lots of fun.  They looked like they were constructing a new section to be open in Spring 2015 and there is also a zip wire so we may have to take a trip back again next year!


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Climbing Snowdon in Wales

Boyfriend and I took a trip to Wales in November (just for the weekend) and it turned out to be a really cool and really exhausting trip!  On the Saturday morning (after we had run out 5km Parkrun!) we drove to Snowdonia in North Wales.

Wales- Snowdon

We got to the bottom of Mount Snowdon at 13:45 ish which was a little later than planned and we only have about 2.5hrs before sunset so we headed straight up.  It was very tough; it’s about 7km to the summat and my legs were already tired. It got very cold, windy, and steep at the top.  And foggy!  Which meant we didn’t get the payoff of a great view when we reached the peak, but it was picturesque lower down.  Below is the video of our trek to the summat!


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