Places to Eat In Paris (That Also Cater For Vegetarians!)


11 bis, rue Blanche

Day 1 arrival

Amphytrion is a figure in Greek mythology, and has been the subject of numerous plays.  And L’Amphytrion the restaurant is in the theatre district so the name seems quite appropriate.  We ate here on our first night and it was lovely, albeit expensive.  It’s quite small and we were lucky to get a table.  There wasn’t much on offer for vegetarians tbh but what was offered was camembert so I was in! The portions were small (especially when you consider what you are paying!) but I think you’re supposed to do the whole three courses as is the style in France.

We ordered camembert, a rabbit dish, one desert to share, a coke, and a glass of wine. We spent about 58euro.


47 Avenue Trudaine


I kept calling this place ‘index’ but it is 1ndix.  I was doing my normal 4 hrs of vegetarian ‘where-oh-where-can-I-eat-tonight’ research so I learned a bit about the owners.  They’re twins, born on the 1st October, dix being French for 10, the name of the restaurant reflects their birthday.  It’s a pretty small place but was totally empty when we arrived.  We had a friendly server (spoke excellent English, kept getting distracted by stuff). There was some interesting hip-hop playing, and it was quite a hipster joint.

I ordered avaocado on toast with a poached egg, boyfriend had a hot dog, and we shared a delicious chocolate fondant for desert.  The food cost about 28Euro (a bargain by Parisian standards), and then we got some drinks.


39 Rue Amelot


We wandered past this place by chance, although it’s in an area full of shops and cafes.  The board outside was advertising their daily salad (one vegetarian, and one ‘classique’.  They also had a daily soup which most people were having as a starter, but we didn’t because we’re weird foreigners who don’t understand about courses.  The salad was nice, although mainly rice based and it came with wedges, and bread because in France they bring you bread with your main not before (it’s weird).  So it was quite a carby salad!

Anyway two salads and two cokes cost 28Euro.

Via Emilia

22 Rue la Bruyere


It’s a little weird, perhaps, to go to an Italian restaurant in Paris but we did (actually more than one).  It was a lovely evening and everywhere else was full.  We got a spot downstairs next to the toilets which wasn’t a prime location but the food more than made up for it.  The waiter brought around a chalk board menu and explained the whole thing to us, he did this for everyone it seemed to be part of the process.  It was very helpful, and there were a few vegetarian options than actually sounded good!

I had the tortelli reggiani, boyfriend got medaglioni funghi, both types of stuffed pasta, mine with spinach and ricotta and his with mushrooms.  It was delicious, we both had deserts; boyfriend had a traditional (non-alcoholic) tiramisu, and I had a chocolate crostata that I found a little underwhelming.  I had a lemonade, boyfriend had a glass of wine and we spent 55 Euro.


51 Rue des Martyrs


Fuxia, is Italian for Fuchsia if that helps you pronounce it.  It was a very busy Saturday night when we wandered in here.  Despite all the hustle and bustle we were served pretty promptly.  There were a few delays here and there but the hard working waitresses were running round constantly doing things.

I got a great veggie risotto, and a slightly boring polenta cake, I can’t remember what boyfriend ordered but he got a door slab of tiramisu (with booze).  And by this point I’d given up counting the bill I’m afraid.

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The Fat Pumpkin- Riga, Latvia

to print2The Fat Pumpkin in Riga is a vegetarian cafe in the Old Town, it also does a lot of vegan stuff. I had a falafel burger, with chips, and a smoothie.  It was half price burger day which was very exciting (normal price 9.50euro. As you can see, the burger was fairly massive, although to be fair there was a lot of unnecessary salad it in.


20171004_130259It’s a shame it wasn’t also half price smoothie day as they were about 5euro, I did once (or twice) pay $10 for a smoothie in LA though (it was delicious).  The menu consists of burgers, wraps, and tapas and I thought it was priced pretty reasonably.  Although I do remember fondly the days when 1euro was about 60p.


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Riga, Latvia- Food!

to print1

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The Food of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Day 1

Here we have the food of Edinburgh.  Bottom left is vegetarian haggis pie, there’s plenty of Japanese food; sushi, tempura, and gyoza. I had a veggie hotdog, a green tea latte, a giant garlic bread, and the absolutely essential Irn Bru.

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Edinburgh- David Bann Vegetarian Restaurant


We went to a rather fancy vegetarian restaurant while in Edinburgh, David Bann.  It was a little pricier than we usually go for but not too much more if you restrain yourself.  The mains are about £12-14, starters £4-8, we didn’t manage to squeeze in a desert but they are about £6.  I went for the Beetroot, Bramley apple and Strathdon Blue cheese pudding, which was rather delicious.  Boyfriend chose Risotto of runner beans and roasted red pepper which he enjoyed but didn’t think it was as special as mine.  Anyway, I highly recommend.

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Food of Tenerife

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Italian Food

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Glasgow- Topolabamba

P1030110Coming to the end of our visit to Glasgow we stopped for lunch at Topolabamba which is a Mexican restaurant.  We went for tapas, and got Char Roasted Vegetable Tacos, Crab Ceviche Tostadas, Guacomole and Black Bean Tostadas, Poblano Chilli and Crumbly Cheese Taquitos, and Char Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas.

New folder (2)2

We followed it up with Mexican Chocolate Cups with Coconut Cream, which was a rich, dark chocolate mousse in a cup. It was all good (well I didn’t have the crab thingy), especially the Taquitos. With soft drinks it all came to £35, so not the cheapest meal ever (especially as I made boyfriend leave a £5 tip because I thought the service was good), but a nice experience overall.

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Glasgow- Naked Soup


On a recent trip to Glasgow we went on a little shopping trip to the Westend (we didn’t actually end up buying anything) and our first port of call was somewhere to eat lunch.  We found Naked Soup just off Great Western Road.

It sold soup, would you believe, and also sandwiches.  I ordered the lentil and sweet potato (which came in a cup), it tasted nice but I would have prefered it a bit chunkier.  Boyfriend got a chorizo sandwich and we shared some bread and humous.  I also got an apple as part of their lunch deal (bit odd but not complaining).  I got green tea, and boyfriend got coke and it all came to £11 ish.

It was a tasty, light lunch and I would recommend it, although not if you’re super hungry as it wasn’t that filling.

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Jo Jo To- Venzuelan Street Food

Jo Jo To are hanging out in Leeds Trinity Kitchen but they usually work in London.  It’s Venezuelan style street food and it was pretty good.

I got a Dominoes Epanadas which is some kind of glorious fried pasty filled with Black Beans, Cheese, Plantain, Tomato, Wahsakaka Sauce.  Lots of cheese.

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