Food of Tenerife

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Italian Food

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Glasgow- Topolabamba

P1030110Coming to the end of our visit to Glasgow we stopped for lunch at Topolabamba which is a Mexican restaurant.  We went for tapas, and got Char Roasted Vegetable Tacos, Crab Ceviche Tostadas, Guacomole and Black Bean Tostadas, Poblano Chilli and Crumbly Cheese Taquitos, and Char Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas.

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We followed it up with Mexican Chocolate Cups with Coconut Cream, which was a rich, dark chocolate mousse in a cup. It was all good (well I didn’t have the crab thingy), especially the Taquitos. With soft drinks it all came to £35, so not the cheapest meal ever (especially as I made boyfriend leave a £5 tip because I thought the service was good), but a nice experience overall.

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Glasgow- Naked Soup


On a recent trip to Glasgow we went on a little shopping trip to the Westend (we didn’t actually end up buying anything) and our first port of call was somewhere to eat lunch.  We found Naked Soup just off Great Western Road.

It sold soup, would you believe, and also sandwiches.  I ordered the lentil and sweet potato (which came in a cup), it tasted nice but I would have prefered it a bit chunkier.  Boyfriend got a chorizo sandwich and we shared some bread and humous.  I also got an apple as part of their lunch deal (bit odd but not complaining).  I got green tea, and boyfriend got coke and it all came to £11 ish.

It was a tasty, light lunch and I would recommend it, although not if you’re super hungry as it wasn’t that filling.

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Jo Jo To- Venzuelan Street Food

Jo Jo To are hanging out in Leeds Trinity Kitchen but they usually work in London.  It’s Venezuelan style street food and it was pretty good.

I got a Dominoes Epanadas which is some kind of glorious fried pasty filled with Black Beans, Cheese, Plantain, Tomato, Wahsakaka Sauce.  Lots of cheese.

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Curry Corner

Curry Corner in West Yorkshire sells curry and is on the corner of the street so you can immediately see the logic behind the name, which engenders trust.

This a fabulous quality phone image of the curries we got the other day.


I got saag panner, boyfriend got a meat curry (I feel like my restaurant reviews* would be better if I paid some attention to what the other person was eating too?)  We got garlic naan, and pilau rice, and I got a mango lassi.  The food was pretty good, although I would have liked more paneer and less saag, and our mains were a little slow coming out.  Still it was New Year’s Day so they might have been quite busy in the kitchen.


*None of these count as reviews I know

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Veritas Leeds

We went into Veritas in Leeds which is equidistant from the Art Gallery and also the chemist that boyfriend had to get his new asthma inhaler from.  I had been in beforefor a drink but not food, and we decided to pop in for lunch just after Christmas.  It’s a very nice pub, and the staff were all friendly as well.

I had a great veggie burger with chips, fancy salad (that I didn’t get around to eating), and some mango goo which was nice.  I also may have got goats cheese as an extra.  And they did a good green tea. It was about £10 and boyfriend got some meat thing.

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5 Best Veggie Meals

The bext Japanese food I’ve had was at Etsu in Liverpool. The yasai gyoza and yasai tempura followed by green tea ice cream.  I haven’t found gyoza as good anywhere else.


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Tharavadu- Leeds

Tharavadu is the hottest Kerala cuisine in Leeds- well it’s probably the only Kerala cuisine in Leeds, but it’s so hot we haven’t been able to get a table in there on the past few attempts.

Finally we had a Saturday lunchtime and the place was much emptier than we had seen it before.  Kerala is a state in Southern India, India is very big and full of variety.  Variety is the spice of life, and Indian food is very spicey.  But I managed to find something tasty and not-too spicey  on the menu, and reaffirm my belief that Indians make the best bread.

We got a starter of poppadoms, fried plantain, and something else tasty with pickles.  And for mains I got the Mutter Paneer (Cheese and Peas), and boyfriend got chicken curry, we shared plain rice (alas the more interesting rice had secret nuts in so boyfriend would have died if we’d had those), and a couple of Poori.  Poori are some kind of wonderful inflated fried bread pockets, boyfriend said it look like a puffer fish, and then he tried to stab it.


It was very yummy, and we were stuffed so no dessert.  The service was good, although the decor had been undermined somewhat by the Christmas decorations- stars and garlands yes, pictures of Santa no.


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La Palma- Cinnamon Bar

We wanted to visit Cinnamon Bar when we stayed in La Palma as we had read on tripadvisor that it had good veggie options and it was right next to our accommodation.  The first night it seemed to be half open and half closed, it looked like for a private event, the next night was Sunday and barely anything was open at all, so it wasn’t until the third night we were able to try it out (and even then not until after 8pm, crazy Europeans).

The menu was only available in Spanish but the waiter translated everything for us, there were a few veggie options, which for Spain is a lot!   I got some spring rolls with banana sauce drizzled over- they were nice but really felt more like eating a starter and I couldn’t taste any banana although I’m not sure if that was a bad thing or not.

Boyfriend got a huge lump of meat which apparently was quite nice, and annoyingly the same price as mine!  We both got desserts, I went for meringue.  I’m not sure why because I always find it too sweet and it was, and boyfriend got some pastry with coffee goo in between the layers which he liked.

La Palma Cinnamon Bar

I would recommend a trip to Cinnamon Bar as it was a nice laid back atmosphere and the food was good, shame though that the veggie option had such a small portion.

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