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London Packing

It seems like only 10mins ago I was packing for Riga, but here I am again jet setting. This time only to London but it will cost about as much and take about as long to get there…

We’ll be there from Thursday 1pm until 7pm Saturday, and we expect it to be chilly but dry.  I’m only taking a backpack (I do have a mini backpack just to use as a day bag), so it all has to fit in there.  Continue reading

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Packing for Riga!

I am heading off to Riga, Latvia with mum and sister.  I am very excited.  I’ve never been to Latvia before and I wouldn’t have picked Riga myself so might not have ever gone there if mum hadn’t picked it.  As of yet I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to, we’re only there for 4 days including travel days.  But the weather looks quite British.  The forecast is for about 13 degrees and cloudy.


Clothes wise I’m taking 2 pairs of jeans (including the pair I’ll wear on the plane), 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve tops, 2 dresses, pajamas, and underwear.  We’re only taking hand luggage but it all fits in to my rucksack easily.  Actually, I have a nice amount of space to fit any purchases I make!

I’m also taking a couple of books, toiletries (in a clear plastic bag when packed), passport, euros, travel insurance, purse, keys.  I’ve got 2 film cameras (and I’ll take my digital camera and phone) and a couple of little notebooks.  The notebooks are because I’ve been quite into scrap booking my trips recently, I’m going to take them with me so I can roughly plan which pictures to use.



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Packing For USA

We set off for New York tomorrow, it’s gonna be a pretty epic trek to get there.  Leaving home at about 10:30am, to catch a 10:57am train to Leeds, then a nice 30 min wait at the exciting Leeds train station before catching the train to Manchester.  We’ll have about 2.5hrs in Manchester Airport before setting of at 15:45pm.  We land in London, and have about 1.5 hrs before finally getting on the plane to America.  We land at 10:30pm local time, which is 3:30am UK time so about 17hrs after setting off.

Oh working that our has just depressed me!

Anyway, I have the day off today to do some laundry, cleaning, and finish packing.  So I thought I would show you what I’ve packed.  I still have a few essentials missing like toothbrush, phone, keys, etc.

P1040499Obviously, the main suitcase is mainly clothes. That part of America has had some changeable weather recently, and I expect it’ll be nice when we’re there but a bit chilly in New York and a bit rainy in Washington.  There’s also the chance for sunny days, and that we might go to nice places for dinner, so I had to pack a variety of outfit options.  So I’m taking:

  • Bottoms- black jeans, blue jeans, green trousers, blue skirt, black skirt, green shorts
  • Tops- green t-shirt, grey flower top, pink top, star wars top, tie-dye t-shirt, black shirt (and vest to wear underneath)
  • Knitwear- L’amour jumper, pink cardigan, black hoody, dinosaur jumper, coat
  • Sportswear- running top, running leggings, sports socks, sports bra, headband, bikini
  • Also- black and white dress, PJ t-shirt, tights, socks, underwear

As you can see in the photo I’ve taken some of those clothes and put them in a pile next to my suitcase, these are my travel clothes.  I even have my underwear for traveling picked out so I don’t wake up and find there’s nothing clean in my drawer.

In my suitcase I also have my toiletries and hair things, my rain coat, a hat, emergency tea bags, some analogue cameras and film, and a plug adapter.  I’m using my backpack as my carry on luggage, and I have a plastic wallet with my passport, money, and travel insurance in it.  I have three books to pretend to read on the plane, my purse, and two small bags (one for day, one for evening for day-to-day use).  I also have spare underwear, socks, and a t-shirt in case my suitcase gets lost.

And most importantly, I have the birthday card my mum gave me to open on my birthday!

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Travel Book- Flaneuse by Lauren Elkin

20170109_222852.jpgThought I would flag up* any interesting books that are travel related, either about traveling or a good holiday read.  Flaneuse by Lauren Elkin sort of defies genre, but is mainly a memoir for a woman who’s probably too young to be writing a memoir.

A Flaneuse is a made up word really, a feminine version of a flaneur, which is a French idler, who wanders around cities exploring them on foot. Continue reading

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Travel Apps

I’m not big into apps, largely because my phone needs to be wound up every night to keep it working, but I understand they are quite popular with some folks.

I found this list of travel apps on the Guardian website and thought I would pass it along.  It’s their pick of the 10 best apps to help plan your holidays.

Happy Holidaying 🙂

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Youtube Shout Out- Wolter’s World

Just wanted to share a Youtube channel I enjoy, Wolter’s World.  Mark, who runs the channel, has lived, worked, and traveled all over the world.

Rather than straight forward travelogues, his most common videos seem to be ‘ 5 Things You’ll Love and Hate About…’  and ’10 Things That’ll Shock You About…’. They give an interesting over view of the country or city.

Although I do think it’s impossible to sum an entire country up in just a few statements, he’s not trying to do that, rather just telling visitors a few key facts about where they want to go.


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Planning A Trip- Tips

I like traveling but I love planning….I think I enjoy planning a holiday more than actually being on it…that’s my issue and often my boyfriend’s, but maybe I can use my crazy to help others?

And you may think you like being spontaneous and don’t want to plan every minute detail of the holiday…my response to you is how are you getting from the airport to your hotel?

Continue reading

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Foreign and Commonwealth Office

If you’re in the UK you can check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website to see the most up to date travel advice for the country you’re going to.



As well as travel advice on health care, security, and transport, there’s also a summary highlighting any area that they advise against travelling to.  This is usually because of terrorism or social unrest, and is a warning that the area is too dangerous to visit.

You’re travel company will probably provide you with an alternative, or your travel insurance will cover you to cancel the holiday.

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Travel Insurance

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing travel insurance:

  • What kind of a holiday are you going on?
    • Adventure, sight seeing, gap year
  • Who and what do you need cover for?
    • Just you, the family, anyone over 70
  • Do you have medical conditions?
    • Make sure you declare them
  • What’s your budget?

Continue reading

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What to Wear to the Airport

So what do you wear to the airport?

Well clothes, guys, I was kind of hoping that went without saying.  But anyway.  There are some variables to consider here but here are some tips:

  • Footwear
    Comfortable shoes, well of course I would recommend you always wear sensible shoes but especially when you might have to do a mad dash to check in on time, wander aimlessly around the airport for 3 hrs trying to find a decent vegetarian sandwich, or sit for 10hrs with no leg room.
    Also, if you wear anything approaching a boot make sure they are easy to get on and off as you will have to remove them as you go through security.   I would say don’t wear boots but if they are an integral part of your holiday clothes then you probably should as it will open up some space in your suitcase for other books.

Continue reading

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