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Visit to The Louvre, Paris

20180405_104134On our first full day in Paris we headed to The Louvre.  We booked our tickets online the night before, it was 17 euro each for a standard ticket (without entry to the special exhibition).   You get a timed slot starting from 9am, but the earliest one available to us was 10:30am which was actually perfect as it gave us time to walk there from our hotel.  I was feeling pretty awful that morning so needed a little extra time to get going!


It was a grey, rainy weekday so not very busy.  A great day to spend inside a museum! We were quickly ushered through the initial security at the glass pyramid (a bag check and through a metal detector) and into the large underground foyer. I remember (sort of) when the pyramid was pretty new and hearing some unconvinced opinions on it.  But as we rode down the escalator, looking up through the glass ceiling with natural light coming in I liked it.  In the foyer there are some toilets, and some escalators up into the museum proper.  At this point they actually scan and check your tickets.  Top Tip: the toilets in the foyer are pretty busy, wait until you go through into the museum where they are quieter. Collages12

We entered the sculpture area first (by chance, we never managed to get a map!) I wandered around in a bit of a fog to be honest as I wasn’t feeling great all morning. But I do like a bit of sculpture and enjoyed looking around.  There was a lot to see from different periods and areas.  It did remind me a lot of The British Museum, and we are a bit spoilt having free museums in London (although London is far away and expensive).

Day 21

Of course no visit to The Louvre would be complete without seeing The Mona Lisa, so here it is!  As you can see it was quite a busy gallery space filled with boring paintings, filled with people taking photos of a famous painting they can get 100 different reproductions of in the gift shop around the corner.  I judge, yet I too took the obligatory photo and bought the obligatory book mark…P1050205

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National Museum of Art- Riga, Latvia


Just a quick post about the National Museum of Art in Riga.  We popped in when it was pissing it down at the time, and it proved to be an enjoyable rainy day diversion.  Much of the art initially was not to my taste, but the constructionist exhibit was interesting especially within the context of communist occupation.  Continue reading

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New York- MOMA

One of the things I did not get to do last time in New York was visit the Museum of Modern Art, or MOMA.  I can’t say it was actually very high on my list of places to visit but boyfriend thought it was worth a look so we went.  But MOMA costs $25 each which is a lot!  However, they have a free Friday night offer which, strangely, is sponsored by Uniqlo.  I was hoping that meant we would get given free clothes, but obviously not.

Day 11It was pouring with rain when we arrived and we were pretty soaked and added to the general chaos of the foyer. There were groups of people loitering around inside, presumably sheltering from the rain, and a giant queue.  Thankfully the queue was for the cloak room and we were just handed a free ticket straight away. And, after the customary bag check, we headed upstairs to see the art.

Or rather look at the backs of people’s heads!  It was extremely busy, to the point where we wondered if they were breaking fire safety rules! It definitely undermined my enjoyment of the gallery. It was hot and loud and hard to see things.

Day 1

The free Friday night starts at 4pm (until 8pm) and I think you would be pretty pissed off if you paid the $25 at 3:30pm and then the place still got overrun with soggy tourists.

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London- Victoria and Albert Museum

v and a

As an early birthday treat mum and I went to London to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It wasn’t my first visit, but there’s tonnes to see.  We took an earlyish train but it was still lunchtime when we arrived.  I opted for a rather nice goats cheese lasagne, the food there is pricey but at least it’s nice.  Across the road at the Natural History Museum the cafe is pretty crap.


We thought about going to the temporary exhibition which was a history of underwear, but it costs £12 for those tickets, and we found the other fashion galleries instead. It was a through the ages look at fashion.  Mum commented that the ‘modern’ pieces aren’t that impressive.  I agreed but I think it was a little warped.  The older clothes were clearly picked to represent common trends, while the newer ones were ones that would have stood out from the crowd.  I mean there no stretch skinny jeans so it can not be said to truly represent what people are actually wearing today.


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UK Trip- Dean Clough Gallery

Dean Clough in Halifax used to be the world’s largest carpet factory but is now a,

thriving, privately-owned business community of over 4,000 people…The high calibre of its regeneration and its arts programme is widely celebrated.

March2What that means in reality is that much of the building is offices rented out to private companies, but the corridors are full of art and it works as a free gallery that you can wander around.  There’s quite a interesting collection of stuff, but it is a bit of a maze to wander around.

The building is a mile long!  But much of that is closed off, and the only map is at the entrance to the building so we did end up getting a bit confused as where we were supposed to be going.


The piece de resistance is the giant lego model of the building which is very impressive, although it bugged me quite a lot that it hadn’t been properly positioned on it’s plinth.

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London- Victoria and Albert Museum

One of the best things about London is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is huge and free (although temporary exhibitions charge)!

According to the website there are 2,263,314 items in the Museum’s collections, only 26% of which are on display, with displays on architecture, fashion, photography, theatre and performance, sculpture, contemporary design, ceramics, Asian art and design, furniture, textiles, jewellery, and metalwork.  The depth and breadth of the collection and displays means there’s something for everyone.Victoria and Albert Museum

The Museum was established in 1852 after the success of the Great Exhibition the year before. The Great Exhibition, the first in a series of World Fairs exhibiting culture and industry, was visited by 6 million people and made 4.5 million shillings from admission fess (£21,495,090 in 2015). The Museum moved to South Kensington in 1857 and began to rapidly expand it’s collection.Collages

In 1899, Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of a new building designed to give the Museum a grand façade and main entrance. To mark the occasion, it was renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum.   The Museum has a couple of great shops, although you can find a massive collection of merch on their online shop.  There is also a nice (but slightly pricey) cafe where I always get the soup because it’s the cheapest!  The cafe decor is pretty blingy as well- see below.


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