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Packing For Glasgow

Packing For Glasgow

I took a very quick trip to Glasgow recently to visit my new baby nephew (and some adults).  I arrived lunchtime on Friday and left about 4pm on Saturday, and was traveling by train.  I didn’t need to take too much with me, although I did have a few presents that I needed to cram into my backpack.

It was very hot when I went up there, but this heat wave has been so unprecedented it was hard to believe that it would stay warm, in Scotland of all places. I went up there in my jeans and long sleeve dino top, the air conditioning on the train made that an OK travel outfit.  But on arrival we sat in the garden and it was very necessary to shorts up.  I threw in some new shorts (not pictured), as well as shorts to sleep in (which it was far too hot to wear)! I also took some fluffy slipper socks which my niece quite enjoyed stroking and grabbing hold of.

My non-clothes items were fairly minimal; some toiletries, sunglasses, sun block, a book to read on the train, a day bag (which sister had bought me and my niece pointed to and said ‘we bought that’), my purse, and then I also took my phone and camera.  It was fairly successful packing I’d say!


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Durham Scrapbook


We took a mini city break to Durham over the Spring Bank Holiday, and I’ve done a mini scrapbook for it.  I used a random little note book I had been giving free at an old job, I think it was just a little sample we were sent, but it’s fun because all the pages are different colours.


I’ve got a new(ish) printer, the Canon TS8152 which I do like quite a lot.  I bought some new photo paper from W. H Smiths which I’m not crazy about as it’s quite thin so tears a bit when I cut it.  And this little scrapbooks are quite hard to work with because you have to print out tiny photos.


I used some of the ephemera I had collected over the weekend, such as note paper from the hotel, receipts, and train tickets.  I also used my 1 inch circle hole punch and went to town on my Durham Cathedral brochure.  This time around I left a sensible amount of space to write in as I never really have much to say, but feel I should write some stuff!


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Munich Graffiti

Munich was a very clean city but there was a surprising amount of graffiti- I think really there wasn’t that much it just stood out because everything else was so clean and meticulously maintained.

Some of them seem to have been commissioned pieces like the bird top right, and others more spontaneous/illegal like the bird bottom middle. I quite like street art of all forms though, especially when graffiti artist get creative.


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Photos of Oxford

Here are a few snaps of Oxford taken with my Mini Diana F+ which is a tricky little camera to master hence the craziness of the snaps!  These are the most normal pics!  The first two are when we’d just stepped off the bus, and the third is the Botanical Garden (which I wouldn’t recommend!).

Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos

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Newcastle- The Baltic and The Bridges

Baltic We just popped into the Baltic art gallery and spent our time mainly in the shop!  But we did head into one gallery where there was a fun exhibition about the moon.  Further up there’s a viewing platform with a great view over the Tyne.  The sky was so clear but our big problem all day was the sun in our eyes! Would you believe it was January when these pictures were taken?

Below is a view of Millennium Bridge with the Baltic to the right hand side of it.


These are pics of the Tyne Bridge (Newcastle is very bridgey!).

And The Sage which is a music venue and quite an eye-catching building. Very shiny.The Sage Newcastle

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