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What to Wear to the Airport

So what do you wear to the airport?

Well clothes, guys, I was kind of hoping that went without saying.  But anyway.  There are some variables to consider here but here are some tips:

  • Footwear
    Comfortable shoes, well of course I would recommend you always wear sensible shoes but especially when you might have to do a mad dash to check in on time, wander aimlessly around the airport for 3 hrs trying to find a decent vegetarian sandwich, or sit for 10hrs with no leg room.
    Also, if you wear anything approaching a boot make sure they are easy to get on and off as you will have to remove them as you go through security.   I would say don’t wear boots but if they are an integral part of your holiday clothes then you probably should as it will open up some space in your suitcase for other books.

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