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Stuff from Dubrovnik

Doing a bit of a sort out I found a bunch of stuff from some old trips, this is leaflets, receipts, and old tickets.  I have already scrap booked my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia so I don’t really have much use for them anymore.  So I thought I would do a little blog post and reminisce.

Dubrovnik was an amazing trip, it was relaxing but we did lots of activities.  The most exciting was probably the scuba diving we did with Blue Planet Diving Centre.  It was a little terrifying initially, the thought of putting your head underwater and just ‘breathing normally’ so I had a little moment but after that I really enjoyed it.  Since it was our first go we barely went 5m deep!


We also walked along the Old Town walls (in the baking mid day sun with a million other tourists) which gave a great view of the Old Town.  And also a view of a few of the bombed out remains of little houses from the Croatian War of Independence.  We also took a gondola to the top of the hill to see the lovely view from up there, we felt that it was a waste of money really as we just walked down the hill to get back. There was also a little museum at the top which gave some more insights to the War, although not much was in English unfortunately.

It was also a trip of Island hopping.  We heading out to Mljet where most of the island is a National Park, we hired bikes and toured the park, we also swam in a picturesque lake which was lovely.  That ended up being a more expensive trip than anticipated though (cost of boat there, the cost of the bikes, and lunch).  We also took a little trip to a smaller island called, Lokrum where there were loads of peacocks.  This was the day after we had been out kayaking and I got very sunburnt on my legs and feet.  So every step in Lokrum was agony.  Good memories!

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An odd thing to do to be sure but whilst in the beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia we wandered into ‘The Gaffe’; an Irish theme pub for a drink.  It was located on one of the little streets in the Old Town. And on our last day while we had some time to kill before our flight, heavy bags to carry around all day, and no money we went back to satisfy by then boyfriend’s need for a beer.

As you would imagine it wasn’t the best place we went to during our time in Croatia, and not particularly ‘Irish’.

The Gaffe Dubrovnik

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Croatian Food

I love foreign supermarkets and all the foreign foods.  Even stuff we get here like the watermelon below because you don’t get them that big and all piled up in a shopping trolley.  I need to go through all my snaps and find all the pictures of food I’ve taken.  There’s also the meats in the fridge, delicious gelato which came in loads of flavours, and pistachio yoghurt which was amazing!

Croatian Supermarkets

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Sunbathing in Lapad, Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the best things about my holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia was being able to go swimming in the middle of the city and then sun bathe to dry off.  I realised how little I had been in the sea as it was quite a shock how salty the water is!

Lapad is the closest Dubrovnik gets to a beachy beach (they are very pebbly), decked out with sun loungers, and inflatables available to rent as well as lots of bronze tourists.  In fact, a lady commented that she had never seen anyone as pale as me and she hoped I was wearing sun block.


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Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lokrum was one of the island off Dubrovnik we visited.  We woke up late after a tiring day of kayaking the day before, we were very sun burnt and looking for a relaxing outing. It takes about 40mins on the ferry from Dubrovnik to Lokrum. It was very very hot!

There are some ruins, a pizza place, a botanical garden, and some things you can trek to along the pathway.  It isn’t a long walk but it was so hot and I was struggling with my sunburn and really found the walking hard going.  We stopped by the swimming lake to cool down.

Lokrum Croatia

And there are peacocks everywhere!

Lokrum, Croatia

There was one particularly horrid woman who threw grapes at the peacocks to encourage them to come over so she could photograph them, then threw hew magazine at them to scare them off when she was done.  They hid behind a tree until she left.

A nice day trip from Dubrovnik, but definitely not the most exciting island or thing to do in the area.

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Nishta- Vegetarian Restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nishta is the only veggie place in Dubrovnik (and the non-veggie places have very limited veggie options), so we went there a few times as it was the only thing keeping me alive!  The veggie burger was pretty delicious and the bill came in a little treasure chest with a bean with a smiley face on it!

It’s very small!  So you’ll definitely need a reservation if you’re eating in the evening.  I reckon they seat 8 inside and another 8 outside!

Nishta Dubrovnik

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Top Tips For Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia was my best holiday and I really recommend a trip there, here are my top tips if you do decide to visit.

  • Dubrovnik is hilly!  Be prepared for some walking around and walking up and drown plenty of stairs.  If you have trouble walking  then plan ahead with your transport but be aware that cars and buses can’t actually go up steps and at some point you’ll have to get out and walk!
  • Dubrovnik is hot!  In the summer the temperature in the old town can get around 40 Celsius.  We went in September and it was it did get up to 30.  The one day I forgot to apply sun block I got really burnt on my legs and was in pain for the rest of the week!
  • Dubrovnik is expensive- or at least eating in the old town can be.  There are some nice places there but in some restaurants it was just silly with sea food dishes costing over £100!
  • Explore the sea- go swimming, kayaking, and scuba diving.  The water is clear and blue and beautiful and you can dive right in.  If you are an experienced diver than there are sunken ships you can visit.  Watch out for sea urchins though!
  • Visit Mljet– definitely the best day of the holiday was our trip to Mljet where most of the island is a National Park and you can hike, cycle, and swim.
  • Visit Nishtas- it’s the only vegetarian restaurant in town and it’s yummy!  It’s in the old town, and it’s very small so you need to book in advance.
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Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

Dubrovnik, CroatiaOne of the main attractions in Dubrovnik, Croatia is the ‘Old Town’ on the waterfront.  It is surrounded by huge city walls and full of restaurants, souvenir shops, and tourists!  It’s the touristy and expensivey part of town but worth a visit.  It’s also, like the rest of Dubrovnik, very hilly and there are lots of steps in the maze of windy streets.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We also took a walk on the city walls (which costs money) and that provided some amazing views of Dubrovnik.  It is largely uncovered though and you are in the direct sun for almost all of it.  It can also be really busy; you can see the people walking the walls in the photo below on the left.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Mljet, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia is a beautiful place and surrounded by islands.  We decided that on our holiday we wanted to visit as many as possible we did Mljet and Lokrum, and kayaked around Korcula.

Mljet, Croatia

We took a ferry to Mljet (pronounced milyet) which cost about £12 each and a good couple of hours.  When you get to the island there are a few restaurants and shops, and places you can rent bikes.  But once you head further inland properly you have to pay another £10 for entry into the National Park which covers most of the island.  The day turned out to be pricier than we expected but was the best day of the holiday as it’s such a nice atmosphere on the island and the weather was fairly perfect!Mljet, Croatia

Mljet, CroatiaWe cycled around the island (on road but there are few cars) and found a really picturesque lake about halfway around.  We swam (wear your swim stuff under your clothes are there are no changing facilities) in the lake and sun bathed on the rocks next to it.  There were plenty of other people there too.

Word to the wise, Croatian ‘beaches’ are rocky, and I did get a boo boo as you can see!
Mljet, Croatia

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Scuba Diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik CroatiaWhen we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia ( AKA best holiday ever!) we enjoyed some water sports, specifically scuba diving and kayaking.

We went to the Blue Planet Diving centre in Lapad.  I booked before hand which was me sending an email telling them how many people and what day (that’s how you do things in Croatia).  The price included a van pick up from our accommodation to the centre which was really helpful, although not home again afterwards.


Dubrovnik Croatia

I paid when we arrived at the centre which is in a hotel, it was about 1000kuna which is about £100 for two of us.  We waited outside by the water’s edge until our instructor arrived (dressed only in a speedo which I found slightly distracting) to talk us through diving. It was our first dive so we had about an hour of chat first before we actually kitted up and got in the water. We hadn’t been told anything before hand about what to wear or bring (that’s how you do things in Croatia) so I was glad that I wore my swimming costume under my clothes as we had to get changed out in the open.

The kit includes the scuba suit, the oxygen tank, a weight belt, and about a million other heavy things so I struggled at first and I had to ask to be allowed to unzip the neck of my suit and pull my hood down. That’s why my hair looks crazy on the pictures!  It was a really awesome experience, we had about an hour underwater (we went about 5m deep!) and really loved it.  It was quite scary at first though! Afterwards we got about 100 photos from them for 10kuna which we thought was a bargain.


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