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Washington DC- The Mall


It was a pretty grey day when we arrived in Washington DC, and wandered along The Mall.  The pointy Washington Memorial is pretty noticeable from anywhere on the mall, and surrounded by American flags and cherry blossom trees.  The obelisk was finished in 1888 to honour President George Washington.  The Memorial has been closed since December 2016 (until 2019) to fix the lift system.  I did managed to get a few comedy selfies.    Collages21

Heading due West you hit the Reflecting Pool and then the Lincoln Memorial.  The Lincoln Memorial is more what you would expect from a Memorial than the Washington one, but then takes a bit more finding.  It’s a Greek style, columned building, inside there’s a larger than life (actually he was pretty tall) statue of Lincoln and panels of Lincoln famous speeches chiseled into the walls.  Apparently, Martin Luther King Jnr gave his ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ here in 1963.

Day 52

And, of course, we also caught a glimpse of The White House!  We were a little disappointed at first because there was something going down and security had roped everything off.  We don’t think it was anything too exciting, more likely to be an important visitor arriving or leaving.  So we wandered down the rest of The Mall and then back again.  By the time we got back we could get a lot closer, and enjoyed some of the protests outside.  I seem to recall that one guy kept banging a drum or something extremely annoying, and I felt quite sorry for the security guys having to listen to it all day.

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Rome Bioparco/Zoo

We spent our last afternoon in Rome at the zoo, which was 16 euros each.  There was a exhibition on fish which was an additional 3 euros but we didn’t bother with that.  The zoo is quite extensive, and has a wide range of animals so we felt like we got a decent amount for our money.

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Travel Apps

I’m not big into apps, largely because my phone needs to be wound up every night to keep it working, but I understand they are quite popular with some folks.

I found this list of travel apps on the Guardian website and thought I would pass it along.  It’s their pick of the 10 best apps to help plan your holidays.

Happy Holidaying 🙂

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Glasgow- The Burrell Collection

The Burrell Collection is situated in Pollock Country Park, and on a nice sunny day it’s quite a nice woodlandsy park.  In fact, when I was last there is was July 2014 when I visited Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and we did the 5km Parkrun in Pollock Park.  But this time around it was pissing it down, so we headed straight into the Burrell Collection to see some arts.


There are 9,000 pieces in the collection, that Sir William Burrell had been collecting for over 80yrs before gifting  to Glasgow in 1944. In, October the collection is being closed for refurbishment there one of the galleries was closed off as they photographed the pieces to catalogue them before they were moved, and the paintings gallery upstairs were closed due to ‘water ingress’.


But there was enough to see, and we had a cranky baby with us who had a limited tolerance for being out that day.  There are tapestries, paintings (including lots of Degas and Monet), Rodin sculptures, stained glass, Asian ceramics, and furniture.

New folder (2)1New folder (2)

We also had a nice lunch in the cafe, boyfriend had fish and chips, I had baked potato and coleslaw, sister had a sandwich and soup, and baby had half a banana.  We wandered through the gift shop too which had fancy looking jewellery and apparel, but not enough cheap stuff for my liking.  I did appreciate the kilt bags though.


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Glasgow- Naked Soup


On a recent trip to Glasgow we went on a little shopping trip to the Westend (we didn’t actually end up buying anything) and our first port of call was somewhere to eat lunch.  We found Naked Soup just off Great Western Road.

It sold soup, would you believe, and also sandwiches.  I ordered the lentil and sweet potato (which came in a cup), it tasted nice but I would have prefered it a bit chunkier.  Boyfriend got a chorizo sandwich and we shared some bread and humous.  I also got an apple as part of their lunch deal (bit odd but not complaining).  I got green tea, and boyfriend got coke and it all came to £11 ish.

It was a tasty, light lunch and I would recommend it, although not if you’re super hungry as it wasn’t that filling.

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Postcards from Europe

I was looking around my old bedroom and collected all the old postcards I’d been sent and collected.  Actually, I’m sure this isn’t all of them but it was all I could find.  There were quite a few so these are the ones from Europe,  I thought it would be fun to look through them.


From S my high school best friend, visiting Florence, did we all know that Florence in Italian is Firenze? Did we all know that Florence is my name?   Anyway, you can’t get a ‘Florence’ keyring in the UK or in Italy… Dated 15/02/2002

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A (Very) Brief History of Holidays

On January 1st 2014 it was 100 years since the birth of commercial aviation. The first flight had just one passanger who won a 23mins flight across Tampa Bay, Florida at auction for $400 ($9,493 in todays money).  Now, on average, more than 8 million fly each day.

Both the price and journey have decreased dramatically for international flights; the first transatlantic flight in 1919 took 23 days with 6 stops along the way (now it’s more like 8hrs). By the 1970’s plane were downright luxourious with loads of space, second floors, bars, probably a few open air swimming pools…

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Barcelona off the beaten track-veggie cafe in Gracia

Being a vegetarian in Spain is a difficult and noble challenge. I think in the more rural areas they chop them up and add them to the tortillas, whilst listening to flamenco music.
Anyway, without tracking down some veggie places I would been restricted to patatas bravas (brave potatoes, wedges in slightly spicey sauce) and tortilla sandwiches (that’s an omelete sandwich and its weird).

Barcelona- Cafe CameliaSo I found Cafe Camelia in Gracia, Carrer de Verdi. It was very cute, with cloth placemats and camelias painted on the wall tiles. I got the quinoa veggie burger which came with a couple of potato and parsnip wedges. Boyfriend went for cheese pizza which he said was nice but too small. I find portion sizes hard to predict in Spain generally. I got a nice roobos tea and boyfriend got fake cola, and it all came to less than 22euros.

Afterwards we wandered through Gracia back to Las Ramblas passing a few vintage and whole food shops- this was hipster territory!

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Hotel Rosenvilla, Salzburg

Salzburg3 We stayed at the Hotel Rosenvilla when we were in Salzburg for two nights. It isn’t situated right in the centre of town but the buses were regular and only took about 15mins.  The room was clean and cosy but had no air-con which kind of sucked as it was quite hot when we there.

We arrived early and the lady on the front desk took our bags and also sort us out with bus tickets.  When we came back later on our stuff was already in our room.   There was a nice breakfast in the morning that was unfortunately covered in wasps. Salzburg

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