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Touring UK- Windermere and Grasmere, The Lake District


On our second day in the Lake District we went to Windermere.  Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. There is also a town of the same name about half a mile (1 km) away from the lake. We parked up in the town and then wandered along to Bowness-on-Windermere, another town on the lake.  Bowness is really nice; a quaint town with picturesque scenery.  Unfortunately, everyone else in the entire world was there too, and those that weren’t clogging up the pavement were driving their cars along the busy road.

We attempted to find a nice walk along the lake but struggled to find a path by the water and kept getting suck walking along the main road. So we headed back to Bowness to rent a row boat only to find a queue of people trying to likewise and not much activity.  We gave up and headed back to the car.


GrasmereWe drove to Grassmere.  Grasmere takes its name from the adjacent lake, and is associated with the poet William Wordsworth, who lived in Grasmere for fourteen years.  There was the Lakeland Sports Fair (log throwing, fell running, dogs etc).  There was about an hour left and cost £9 each and looked like a million people trapped in a pen surrounded by parked cars.  So we decided not to visit the show.

We walked through Grassmere, visited the Wordsworth Daffodil Garden (not enough daffodils), the church, and the river.   We also stopped by the Grassmere Gingerbread shop which is tiny and you have to queue to buy the famous gingerbread.  It’s pretty good, although how it’s different from any other gingerbread I couldn’t tell you.


GrasmereWe had some time before dinner and headed up to Easedale Tarn (a tarn is a little lake).  It’s a short walk but the climb does get a little steep and you have to watch your footing.  Still we managed there and back in under two hours and you get some spectacular views of the Tarn, and hills, and the valley.


For dinner we drove up the road to the Green Valley veggie restaurant in the Lancrigg Hotel.  There’s a relaxed atmosphere there and really nice food, it’s not cheap but two mains and two drinks cost us £33 which is just about within budget!  I had polenta pancakes and chilli and boyfriend had mushroom roulade, both yummy.


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