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London- Victoria and Albert Museum

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As an early birthday treat mum and I went to London to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It wasn’t my first visit, but there’s tonnes to see.  We took an earlyish train but it was still lunchtime when we arrived.  I opted for a rather nice goats cheese lasagne, the food there is pricey but at least it’s nice.  Across the road at the Natural History Museum the cafe is pretty crap.


We thought about going to the temporary exhibition which was a history of underwear, but it costs £12 for those tickets, and we found the other fashion galleries instead. It was a through the ages look at fashion.  Mum commented that the ‘modern’ pieces aren’t that impressive.  I agreed but I think it was a little warped.  The older clothes were clearly picked to represent common trends, while the newer ones were ones that would have stood out from the crowd.  I mean there no stretch skinny jeans so it can not be said to truly represent what people are actually wearing today.


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London- Harrods

Whilst in London town we wandered past Harrods.  Last time I was there it was rammed with people and I lasted about 3 minutes before I had to leave.  But it was much quieter this time, and we had a look around the food hall.


There was yummy looking cheese and chocolates.  And I finally got to the see what a cronut was (half croissant, half doughnut).  I wonder what it’s like to work in Harrods, it must be incredibly busy most of the time.  And mainly with tourists who must be quite annoying, and always taking pictures of cheese…


But the only thing I bought was some tea!  There were a lot of flavours of regular black tea, but it was really green tea that I was after.  They didn’t have many in tea bag form, and I decided to go for a white tea (with hints of cucumber and watermelon) which was £5 for 20 bags.  Not the cheapest tea ever, but possibly the cheapest thing in Harrods!


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Super Short Trip To London


We had the shortest of all trips to London when we were traveling to  a wedding in Sussex and had a 3omin walk through the capital from one train station to another.  Hopefully, we can go back and have a proper mosey around because it’s been about 4 years since I went down there.

It’s a city of statues, as you can see from the above collage.  Not photographed was the statue in honour of apprentice plumbers that was at Canon Street Station.


And some random photographs that I took whilst boyfriend shouted at me for wasting time taking pictures when we had a train to catch…men…You’ve got some possibly tudor, possiblr fake tudor buildings, a red bus, a plaque, a blue spikey thing, the undergound, some Boris bikes, the shard,  St Paul’s Cathedral, a shop covered in grass, and the star signs on Bracken House.  Basically, all London has to over.

And some selfies!


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Postcards from the Olympics

A while back I shared the postcards I had received from Europe, but there are a few more that are Olympic themed.  I have been trying to visit as many Olympic stadiums as I can, not all have little gift shops but I picked up a few along the way.


I picked this up at the London Olympics (the 2012 ones not the 1948 ones…but all the contemporary postcards were awful I seemed to recall).

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Tibits- London Veggie Restaurant

When I was in London a while ago I managed to track down a nice vegetarian restaurant (well there’s plenty in London) called Tibits where they have a buffet and you pay for the food by weight.

They have about 40 dishes including salad, soups, and hot dishes.  Their current spring menu features a sprint tortilla, leek and sage spelt risotto, dried bean and walnut salad, and coconut sweet potato curry.

I don’t have any photos but I wanted to give a shout out!

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London- Natural History Museum

I’ve been to the Natural History Museum in New York and paid about $26 for the privilege- it was a good museum with lots to see but so is the London Natural History Museum and it’s free (you do have to pay for temp exhibitions).

There are different zones to help you navigate the Museum; blue zone featuring dinosaurs, large mammals, and life on Earth, red zone which concentrates on the forces that have shaped the Earth, green zone on living creatures and their environments, and the Darwin centre in the orange zone.

In the main hall there is a cast of a Diplodocus skeleton which has been there since 1989 but is set to be replaced in 2017 by an 82ft blue-whale skeleton.  That hall features a statue of Charles Darwin and displays on the evolution of the species.

LondonThere’s another entrance (on Exhibition Road), which I prefer as it’s usually quieter, which brings you in at the bottom of an escalator into the red zone.  It used to have statues of Atlas, Medusa, Cyclops, an astronaut, and a scientist to represent exploration of the world and space.  Now there is a large Stegosaurus skeleton.

LondonLondon4Once you’re in red zone you can play in the earthquake simulator which recreates an 8.9 level earthquake which hit Japan in 1996.

It was captured by the Kobe supermarket security cameras.

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London- Victoria and Albert Museum

One of the best things about London is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is huge and free (although temporary exhibitions charge)!

According to the website there are 2,263,314 items in the Museum’s collections, only 26% of which are on display, with displays on architecture, fashion, photography, theatre and performance, sculpture, contemporary design, ceramics, Asian art and design, furniture, textiles, jewellery, and metalwork.  The depth and breadth of the collection and displays means there’s something for everyone.Victoria and Albert Museum

The Museum was established in 1852 after the success of the Great Exhibition the year before. The Great Exhibition, the first in a series of World Fairs exhibiting culture and industry, was visited by 6 million people and made 4.5 million shillings from admission fess (£21,495,090 in 2015). The Museum moved to South Kensington in 1857 and began to rapidly expand it’s collection.Collages

In 1899, Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of a new building designed to give the Museum a grand façade and main entrance. To mark the occasion, it was renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum.   The Museum has a couple of great shops, although you can find a massive collection of merch on their online shop.  There is also a nice (but slightly pricey) cafe where I always get the soup because it’s the cheapest!  The cafe decor is pretty blingy as well- see below.


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Visiting Olympic Stadiums- London

I like sports, and I’m kind of collecting stadiums as I travel the world.  In particular Olympic ones, although I haven’t got very many as they’re in unhelpful places around the world that I don’t visit ever.

Below is the Athletics Stadium for the London Olympics/Paralympics 2012, I went there for the Paralympics Sept 2012 and saw Johnny Peacock and Hannah Cockcroft win for Britain. (Lots of cheering!)  It was an incredibly sunny day, I watch swimming in the morning and then spent about 8hrs wandering around the Olympic Park eating overpriced food and basking in the sun before heading to the main stadium.

London Olympics

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