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Mljet, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia is a beautiful place and surrounded by islands.  We decided that on our holiday we wanted to visit as many as possible we did Mljet and Lokrum, and kayaked around Korcula.

Mljet, Croatia

We took a ferry to Mljet (pronounced milyet) which cost about £12 each and a good couple of hours.  When you get to the island there are a few restaurants and shops, and places you can rent bikes.  But once you head further inland properly you have to pay another £10 for entry into the National Park which covers most of the island.  The day turned out to be pricier than we expected but was the best day of the holiday as it’s such a nice atmosphere on the island and the weather was fairly perfect!Mljet, Croatia

Mljet, CroatiaWe cycled around the island (on road but there are few cars) and found a really picturesque lake about halfway around.  We swam (wear your swim stuff under your clothes are there are no changing facilities) in the lake and sun bathed on the rocks next to it.  There were plenty of other people there too.

Word to the wise, Croatian ‘beaches’ are rocky, and I did get a boo boo as you can see!
Mljet, Croatia

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