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Analogue Photos of Glasgow

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On my recent trip to Glasgow I took a disposable analogue camera and got a few cute pictures of my 3yr old niece and baby nephew.  I’m not going to post those photos but, you know, that would be super weird.  But here are a few non-child photos I got.

There’s a few of my trip on train up there, beautiful countryside whizzing past the window.  And a couple of the park we had a little picnic, and I got sun burnt (in Scotland, can you believe it?).  And there were a couple that my niece took, she actually got a nice one of her dad (again weird to put on the interwebs) but struggled with the tiny field of vision you get on an analogue camera so she was getting too close to her subjects.  Still she has an eye…

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Analogue Photos of Beamish

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Durham Scrapbook


We took a mini city break to Durham over the Spring Bank Holiday, and I’ve done a mini scrapbook for it.  I used a random little note book I had been giving free at an old job, I think it was just a little sample we were sent, but it’s fun because all the pages are different colours.


I’ve got a new(ish) printer, the Canon TS8152 which I do like quite a lot.  I bought some new photo paper from W. H Smiths which I’m not crazy about as it’s quite thin so tears a bit when I cut it.  And this little scrapbooks are quite hard to work with because you have to print out tiny photos.


I used some of the ephemera I had collected over the weekend, such as note paper from the hotel, receipts, and train tickets.  I also used my 1 inch circle hole punch and went to town on my Durham Cathedral brochure.  This time around I left a sensible amount of space to write in as I never really have much to say, but feel I should write some stuff!


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Analogue Photos Of Durham

I took my Analogue Camera with me when I went to Durham recently so I could shoot some 35mm photos, and here’s how they turned out!

We also went to Beamish which is an open air ‘living’ museum, where there is an 1820’s colliery, a 1940’s farm, and a 1900’s town etc. Here are the pics I got back when I got the film developed.

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Analogue Photos of Paris

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Analogue Photos of Paris

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The National Media Museum, Bradford

Media MuseumThe National Media Museum in Bradford is still one of the main draws to the city, despite having its funding cut a few years ago.  It’s a free museum with permanent exhibitions on the history of TV, advertising, animation, and games, as well as temporary photographic displays.  It also has a cinema, with an IMAX screen, although it’s now run by Cineworld.


There’s also a cafe and shop.  The cafe is nice but pricey (2 x sandwiches, 2 x drinks, and a packet of mini cheddars was over £16), and the shop is smaller than it used to be but they have some nice TV and film related things.

Media Museum

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Photos of Oxford

Here are a few snaps of Oxford taken with my Mini Diana F+ which is a tricky little camera to master hence the craziness of the snaps!  These are the most normal pics!  The first two are when we’d just stepped off the bus, and the third is the Botanical Garden (which I wouldn’t recommend!).

Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos Oxford Lomography Photos

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Lomography America

Some cool black and white snaps I took of America when I was there in April.  I used a Diana F+ with black and white ISO 100 film.  From left to right, top to bottom- Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, Kids playing tennis in San Francisco, The Hoover Dam, Rooftops in Los Angeles, Seals in Monterey, and the coast around Monterey.

000017 000018 000009 000011 000006 000008

Do you like seeing these kinds of pics?  I have more!

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