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Postcards from the Olympics

A while back I shared the postcards I had received from Europe, but there are a few more that are Olympic themed.  I have been trying to visit as many Olympic stadiums as I can, not all have little gift shops but I picked up a few along the way.


I picked this up at the London Olympics (the 2012 ones not the 1948 ones…but all the contemporary postcards were awful I seemed to recall).

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Postcards from North America

These are a bunch of the postcards I’ve collected from visits to America, as well as a few I’ve received from Canada.

death valley

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Postcards from Europe

I was looking around my old bedroom and collected all the old postcards I’d been sent and collected.  Actually, I’m sure this isn’t all of them but it was all I could find.  There were quite a few so these are the ones from Europe,  I thought it would be fun to look through them.


From S my high school best friend, visiting Florence, did we all know that Florence in Italian is Firenze? Did we all know that Florence is my name?   Anyway, you can’t get a ‘Florence’ keyring in the UK or in Italy… Dated 15/02/2002

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