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Redhouse- Newcastle

On our recent trip to Newcastle we stopped at The Redhouse for one of their special pies.
Firstle, the exterior of the building is very cute. The Redhouse is indeed red (or pink at the least) and quite an old building. Inside the original features have remained so it is like a warren, be fore warned this means it’s quite dark due to low ceilings, small nooks, and low lighting levels.redhouse.jpg

Paper menus are on each table, and I ordered at the bar. The ordering process is reasonably simple; chose your pie filling, chose the type of mash potato, chose how you want your peas, and chose your gravy (they confusingly call it liquor). I was pleased that they have a couple of nice sounding vegetarian options (neither were vegan).

I got the sweet potato, spinach, goats cheese and onion pie which was nice although the pastry was a little tough. When the pie split open it did seem that the filling was essentially a slice of goats cheese, but it taste nice. The dijion mustard and honey mash was pretty perfect, the peas pudding was good (never had it before so can’t really compare it but it tasted like peas!), and the parsley ‘liquor’ was nice.  My mum got the chicken and chorizo pie and loved it, she very much enjoyed her meal.

I was impressed by the restaurant options I found online when researching Newcastle.  In the end I’m glad we went for pies.  It was a lovely old building, and the food was tasty.  On a cold November day it was just the ticket.
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Glasgow- Naked Soup


On a recent trip to Glasgow we went on a little shopping trip to the Westend (we didn’t actually end up buying anything) and our first port of call was somewhere to eat lunch.  We found Naked Soup just off Great Western Road.

It sold soup, would you believe, and also sandwiches.  I ordered the lentil and sweet potato (which came in a cup), it tasted nice but I would have prefered it a bit chunkier.  Boyfriend got a chorizo sandwich and we shared some bread and humous.  I also got an apple as part of their lunch deal (bit odd but not complaining).  I got green tea, and boyfriend got coke and it all came to £11 ish.

It was a tasty, light lunch and I would recommend it, although not if you’re super hungry as it wasn’t that filling.

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Curry Corner

Curry Corner in West Yorkshire sells curry and is on the corner of the street so you can immediately see the logic behind the name, which engenders trust.

This a fabulous quality phone image of the curries we got the other day.


I got saag panner, boyfriend got a meat curry (I feel like my restaurant reviews* would be better if I paid some attention to what the other person was eating too?)  We got garlic naan, and pilau rice, and I got a mango lassi.  The food was pretty good, although I would have liked more paneer and less saag, and our mains were a little slow coming out.  Still it was New Year’s Day so they might have been quite busy in the kitchen.


*None of these count as reviews I know

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5 Best Veggie Meals

The bext Japanese food I’ve had was at Etsu in Liverpool. The yasai gyoza and yasai tempura followed by green tea ice cream.  I haven’t found gyoza as good anywhere else.


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Global Tribe Cafe

This vegetarian cafe in Leeds has annoying opening times; Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-6 making dinner trips there pretty impossible.  In December they are opening on Sundays and after a lazy morning boyfriend suggested we stroll down there.

It’s above a crystal shop which makes boyfriend very angry.  And has placemats which say ‘Dance like noone is watching’, which is my most hated saying.

Anyway, we took a sit and we were handed the Sunday special menu and the regular menu but the waiter didn’t tell us that we could only order from the Sunday menu and he just gave us the main menu for the drinks.  The Apple Love Mint tea was delicious.

I got the Rainbow Roast which was essentially vegan cauliflower cheese with veg.  The veg was good but I still can’t get along with vegan cheese.  Poor boyfriend though couldn’t order his first choice from the regular menu, and then couldn’t order either main from the Sunday menu as they had nuts in.  Strangely given that the cafe is desgined to cater to dietary requirements they didn’t label the nutty items on the menu we had to ask the waiter (who wasn’t super interested in our life-threatening allergy tbh).  So boyfriend got a cheese sandwich and the Thai soup (he got the soup because I told him to and he said it was the best part).

I’d go back again, not sure boyfriend will!

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Tharavadu- Leeds

Tharavadu is the hottest Kerala cuisine in Leeds- well it’s probably the only Kerala cuisine in Leeds, but it’s so hot we haven’t been able to get a table in there on the past few attempts.

Finally we had a Saturday lunchtime and the place was much emptier than we had seen it before.  Kerala is a state in Southern India, India is very big and full of variety.  Variety is the spice of life, and Indian food is very spicey.  But I managed to find something tasty and not-too spicey  on the menu, and reaffirm my belief that Indians make the best bread.

We got a starter of poppadoms, fried plantain, and something else tasty with pickles.  And for mains I got the Mutter Paneer (Cheese and Peas), and boyfriend got chicken curry, we shared plain rice (alas the more interesting rice had secret nuts in so boyfriend would have died if we’d had those), and a couple of Poori.  Poori are some kind of wonderful inflated fried bread pockets, boyfriend said it look like a puffer fish, and then he tried to stab it.


It was very yummy, and we were stuffed so no dessert.  The service was good, although the decor had been undermined somewhat by the Christmas decorations- stars and garlands yes, pictures of Santa no.


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York- La Vecchia Scuola

It was very cold and we were tired and needed a sit down somewhere warm where they would give us precooked food in exchange for money. (Not too money!)

There are loads of places in York to eat but boyfriend rejected the gluten free vegan place I suggested (who knows why). And our internet connection was patchy at best so we selected well rated Italian, La Vecchia Scuola and headed there.

The building is quite old and grand, as you would expect from York, but the conservatory extension we sat in seemed a little lacking in design thrills.  La Vecchia Scuola means the old school and there were photos of the building’s former life on the walls. The staff were polite but the real selling point here was the food.

I ordered the Gnocchi which was delicious!  Boyfriend got some meat thing, which he also enjoyed.  We had homemade bread as our starter which was also really yummy but meant that we were both stuffed after the main so no dessert.


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Barcelona off the beaten track-veggie cafe in Gracia

Being a vegetarian in Spain is a difficult and noble challenge. I think in the more rural areas they chop them up and add them to the tortillas, whilst listening to flamenco music.
Anyway, without tracking down some veggie places I would been restricted to patatas bravas (brave potatoes, wedges in slightly spicey sauce) and tortilla sandwiches (that’s an omelete sandwich and its weird).

Barcelona- Cafe CameliaSo I found Cafe Camelia in Gracia, Carrer de Verdi. It was very cute, with cloth placemats and camelias painted on the wall tiles. I got the quinoa veggie burger which came with a couple of potato and parsnip wedges. Boyfriend went for cheese pizza which he said was nice but too small. I find portion sizes hard to predict in Spain generally. I got a nice roobos tea and boyfriend got fake cola, and it all came to less than 22euros.

Afterwards we wandered through Gracia back to Las Ramblas passing a few vintage and whole food shops- this was hipster territory!

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Liverpool- Etsu Japanese Restuarant

So I’m really digging on Japanese food at the moment, and on a recent trip to Liverpool we went to Etsu which was delicious.

I had yasai gyoza (vegetable dumplings) for my starter and yasai tempura (vegetables in batter) for my main, all washed down with green tea served in those cute but slightly impractical tiny ceramic cups.  Boyfriend went for sushimi as usual which, as far as I can see, is just fish on top of rice and not a patch on gyoza, but he liked it.

Liverpool EtsuWe finished the meal with a portion of mochi ice cream balls and another portion of maatcha ice cream.  Mochi is yummy but odd, it has the consistency of chewing gum made out of flour but in a good way, these had ice cream inside but I’m not sure it totally worked as you had to bite right into the ice cream to eat them.  The maatcha ice cream on the other hand was perfect, maatcha is super strong green tea and not the more pleasant thing to taste.  The ice cream had just the right hint of maatcha flavour but was also sweet and really creamy like gelato.

For two starters, two mains, and two deserts we spent about £50, which I don’t think is bad.

It’s within walking distance of the waterfront which meant we could have a nice walk after dinner.

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Austrian Food

Salzburg FoodJust some of the food I ate whilst I was in Salzburg.  We got delicious gelato from Eiszeit (Ice Age), I got chocolate and pistachio. I got a Gemuse (vegetable) Strudel which was quite tasty, we got it a place on Mozartplatz which was called something like Mozart Mozart where we had a long wait for service so I’m not sure I’d recommend it.  We went to a great Vegetarian place called Spicey Spices which, would you believe, was an Indian place.

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