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New York Grand Central Station

New York Central StationNew York Grand Central Station is a train station.  It’s a big train station that’s pretty fancy! We popped in just for a look at the building and decor and ended up getting lost in an Apple Store that we didn’t realise was a shop until we couldn’t get out.  We also took a little stroll downstairs through the market where there are some nice deli shops (unfortunately we were travelling and couldn’t take food with us at this point) as well as a food court.

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Barcelona- Park Guell (Gaudi Park)

Park Guell was our first stop in Barcelona, it’s also known as Gaudi Park because it was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi (he’s most famous for designing the Segrada Familia church, but his name crops up on quite a lot of buildings in Barcelona!). There’s a little museum and shop, but we just wandered around the free part of the park in the hot hot sun.

Day one2Barcelona is very hilly and, in getting to Park Guell, we ended up going up an escalator that stood in the middle of the street- the first and only time I’ve seen an outdoor escalator like that!  But once you’re up there you get an amazing view of the city and the sea which can be seen from the large plateau surrounded by palm trees and stalls.

Day one1Day oneBehind the plateau is a woody area on the hill which you can walk through, and there are quite a few people selling things on the floor.  At the top of the hill is a columned structure where people were dancing.  There are also fantastic ginger-bread style buildings that house the museum and shop.  Everything is covered in tiles and mosaics, including lizards that stand at the base of the steps.

Day one1

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Barcelona- Market

I do like European markets; they make vegetables look so appealing!  There was also stalls of spices, olives, cheese, and meat.

Venice Oct 2012

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Barcelona- Veggie Restaurants; Cat Bar and BioCenter

I did a bit of research before heading to Barcelona about where I could get some veggie food to save me from a week of manchego cheese sandwiches!  Both of the veggie places we went to were just off Las Ramblas, although all those windy streets make it a little hard to track places down.

BioCenterDay Five- egrada Familias

It’s not the most inspiring name but BioCentre was a pretty tasty place to eat!  It also represented the best value for money with their 9.95 (Euro) set menu comprising of soup, salad, main meal, and desert.  The desert was small and drinks were separate but the food was good and we got a lot for approx. £6 each!

Day Five- egrada Familias1

Cat Bar
I had read about Cat Bar but we actually wandered in by accident to hide from the rain.  The lady that runs it (Cat) used to live in America so there is some American memorabilia on the walls but mainly the decor is an ode to cats!  It’s a similar set up to BioCenter where you pay around 10 Euros for a set menu (although this time you get a drink but not desert included).

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