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Durham Scrapbook


We took a mini city break to Durham over the Spring Bank Holiday, and I’ve done a mini scrapbook for it.  I used a random little note book I had been giving free at an old job, I think it was just a little sample we were sent, but it’s fun because all the pages are different colours.


I’ve got a new(ish) printer, the Canon TS8152 which I do like quite a lot.  I bought some new photo paper from W. H Smiths which I’m not crazy about as it’s quite thin so tears a bit when I cut it.  And this little scrapbooks are quite hard to work with because you have to print out tiny photos.


I used some of the ephemera I had collected over the weekend, such as note paper from the hotel, receipts, and train tickets.  I also used my 1 inch circle hole punch and went to town on my Durham Cathedral brochure.  This time around I left a sensible amount of space to write in as I never really have much to say, but feel I should write some stuff!


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Liverpool Tate Art Gallery

The Tate Liverpool is situated in Albert Dock on the waterfront with the Maritime Museum and a bunch of boats, it’s quite nice.  On my last visit they were having a pirate themed weekend which meant that there were loads of people outside but none inside!  Liverpool Tate

The Tate is free apart from the temporary exhibition, which was Pollock which didn’t interest either of us so we just visit the free display.  It was called Constellations- the curators had selected key pieces of art work and then others by different artists that were inspired by them.  To be honest we weren’t over impressed with most of the pieces, I also felt that it was difficult to see how the pieces and artists were connected.

I didn’t take that many photos as I was trying to ‘enjoy the moment’ or something, and also I didn’t like that many.  Still it’s always worth a visit if you’re in the area.Liverpool Tate

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