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The Food of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Day 1

Here we have the food of Edinburgh.  Bottom left is vegetarian haggis pie, there’s plenty of Japanese food; sushi, tempura, and gyoza. I had a veggie hotdog, a green tea latte, a giant garlic bread, and the absolutely essential Irn Bru.

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Global Tribe Cafe

This vegetarian cafe in Leeds has annoying opening times; Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-6 making dinner trips there pretty impossible.  In December they are opening on Sundays and after a lazy morning boyfriend suggested we stroll down there.

It’s above a crystal shop which makes boyfriend very angry.  And has placemats which say ‘Dance like noone is watching’, which is my most hated saying.

Anyway, we took a sit and we were handed the Sunday special menu and the regular menu but the waiter didn’t tell us that we could only order from the Sunday menu and he just gave us the main menu for the drinks.  The Apple Love Mint tea was delicious.

I got the Rainbow Roast which was essentially vegan cauliflower cheese with veg.  The veg was good but I still can’t get along with vegan cheese.  Poor boyfriend though couldn’t order his first choice from the regular menu, and then couldn’t order either main from the Sunday menu as they had nuts in.  Strangely given that the cafe is desgined to cater to dietary requirements they didn’t label the nutty items on the menu we had to ask the waiter (who wasn’t super interested in our life-threatening allergy tbh).  So boyfriend got a cheese sandwich and the Thai soup (he got the soup because I told him to and he said it was the best part).

I’d go back again, not sure boyfriend will!

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La Palma- Cinnamon Bar

We wanted to visit Cinnamon Bar when we stayed in La Palma as we had read on tripadvisor that it had good veggie options and it was right next to our accommodation.  The first night it seemed to be half open and half closed, it looked like for a private event, the next night was Sunday and barely anything was open at all, so it wasn’t until the third night we were able to try it out (and even then not until after 8pm, crazy Europeans).

The menu was only available in Spanish but the waiter translated everything for us, there were a few veggie options, which for Spain is a lot!   I got some spring rolls with banana sauce drizzled over- they were nice but really felt more like eating a starter and I couldn’t taste any banana although I’m not sure if that was a bad thing or not.

Boyfriend got a huge lump of meat which apparently was quite nice, and annoyingly the same price as mine!  We both got desserts, I went for meringue.  I’m not sure why because I always find it too sweet and it was, and boyfriend got some pastry with coffee goo in between the layers which he liked.

La Palma Cinnamon Bar

I would recommend a trip to Cinnamon Bar as it was a nice laid back atmosphere and the food was good, shame though that the veggie option had such a small portion.

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Barcelona veggie restaurant

I found La Cereria on the ole trip advisor, it was the 2nd highest rated veggie place (the first being rather more pricey and needing reservations) and we headed down the windy streets around Las Ramblas to check it out.
All tables were set up in twos and the capacity was only about 16 people but its a veggie place in Spain! Our waiter/the owner was doing everything single handedly so the service was slow at times but he spoke great English and had English menus for us.

La Cereria I ordered the rice, black beans, and guacomole which was nice. Although it took me a while to figure out the sweet taste in the guacamole was banana, presumably to replace the cream as it was a vegan dish. I remained unconvinced about banana guacamole. Boyfriend got cannelloni which he liked, and a glass of red wine which he liked more. It all came to about 27euros.

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Earth Cafe, Manchester

Just a little shout out for Earth Cafe in Manchester which is a veggie cafe where they do a different menu everyday and you get 4 things for £6.  When we were there it included Dhal, Koftas, Roulade, Veg, Salad, Coleslaw, Rice etc. The food was nice although not filling enough for me so I got vegan chocolate cake and icecream to finish.


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Tibits- London Veggie Restaurant

When I was in London a while ago I managed to track down a nice vegetarian restaurant (well there’s plenty in London) called Tibits where they have a buffet and you pay for the food by weight.

They have about 40 dishes including salad, soups, and hot dishes.  Their current spring menu features a sprint tortilla, leek and sage spelt risotto, dried bean and walnut salad, and coconut sweet potato curry.

I don’t have any photos but I wanted to give a shout out!

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Nishta- Vegetarian Restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nishta is the only veggie place in Dubrovnik (and the non-veggie places have very limited veggie options), so we went there a few times as it was the only thing keeping me alive!  The veggie burger was pretty delicious and the bill came in a little treasure chest with a bean with a smiley face on it!

It’s very small!  So you’ll definitely need a reservation if you’re eating in the evening.  I reckon they seat 8 inside and another 8 outside!

Nishta Dubrovnik

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