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New York- Places to Eat

Argo Tea Cafe

It’s a tea place- duh! We went for breakfast here on our first day in New York (I got croissants and straight up green tea).  When we came back to New York to fly home we stopped off for an afternoon drink and I got hot apple cider (in USA cider is non-alcoholic unless specified).  All the drinks can be hot or cold, and they also sell lose leaf tea.

They have some seasonal tea that you can sample as well.  I tried to the iced strawberry green tea which was rather nice.  I wanted to buy a bottle of it but we were heading to the airport and I wouldn’t be able to take it through security.  These are the type of places I wish we had in the UK.


Argo Tea Cafe                                                                                  Hangawi


I had never eaten Korean food before, and this was a veggie Korean place next door to our hotel.  On entry we were asked to remove our shoes, as that’s Korean style.  The staff were very friendly. We ate at lunchtime and still spent about $60!  I had a jasmine green tea, and I got a tofu soup, with rice cakes.  I was expecting the rice cakes to be the crunchy kind but they were gelatinous white blobs in the soup.  They didn’t taste like much so I’m not complaining. Boyfriend got a spicy,  We also got given some kimchee which is unpleasant fermented cabbage.

Pronto Pizza

We tried Famous Original Ray’s Pizza, but the staff was so rude to boyfriend we left.  So we wandered in the rain for a few blocks and found Pronto Pizza.  It’s another pizza place where you buy by the slice for $3, although the slices are the size of a small house.  Inside it’s not very exciting, the staff were not native Americans, or Italians but they obviously knew how to make pizza.

It’s simple, cheap, and yummy.  It was very good.

Day 3

Pronto Pizza                                                                   Andrew’s Coffee Shop

Andrew’s Coffee Shop

We went here for breakfast on Sunday morning, around 9:30am and there was a queue. I don’t know if that’s just a Sunday thing but I took it as a good sign.

Outside it’s not particularly glamorous and inside the orange/beige decor had been jazzed up with Easter bunnies.  It was only a few minutes before we were seated by a friendly waitress. New York service staff are never gonna be the chatty types especially on a busy day but she was polite and helpful.  I got a green tea, oatmeal, and a croissant.  Boyfriend got an omelette, but in America omelettes come with potatoes and toast.  It tasted good, it wasn’t cheap but didn’t break the bank.

Umi Sushi

Umi Sushi was boyfriend’s find, when I was feeling rough and we needed somewhere to eat nearby.  It was pretty small, more like someones living room (although I think there were more seats in the back).  It’s a sushi place so there weren’t tonnes of veggie options but I got a decent vegetable tempura and green tea (do you see a theme in my drink choices?).  Boyfriend got a fairly huge plate of Sashimi.

Day 22

Umi Sushi


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USA Trip Prep

So, our USA trip is fast approaching and I thought I’d fill you in on where I’m with my preparations. Also I can use this to figure out what I still have left to do.  I work shifts so I have sort of more time to get stuff done, but sort of less (it’s what happens when you don’t have regular days off like week ends but you do get the odd week day off to go shopping).

We leave at the end of March and will have an annoying trip from home to Manchester Airport, before we even get on a plane to go to New York.  So we obviously have our tickets by now but we’ll need to check in and I need to get boyfriend to print them at work.  Along with that we need print out our train tickets, to get from New York to San Francisco.

I’m not totally crazy, and I haven’t started packing yet but I will soon start planning my outfits.  I do this with plenty of time so I can make sure everything is washed before I need to pack it.  I used to live in a house share and I couldn’t rely on the washing machine being free so I had to give myself an extra week.  I now have a house (technically it’s boyfriend house but still) and a tumble dryer so that makes life easier.  I do want to buy a new suitcase.  My one is really heavy, it’s pink which is the reason I bought it (!), but a pain to drag around.

I’m going to get some little toiletries, boyfriend tells me not to because I can use the hotel ones, but in Italy the hotels only had shampoo and not conditioner which was annoying.  I need to get my dollars (exchange rate sucks right now), and I’ll need some little snacks for the airport.  But I shouldn’t need to get to much more.


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ESTA Visa Waiver for USA

Well we mulled over our America trip a little after Donald Trump took over like some mad travel agent and enacted his crazy travel ban.  Boyfriend and I were not going to be affected directly, but it was quite off putting. We were also concerned about extra queues, more security checks, and protests.  But I wanted to go somewhere special for my birthday so boyfriend relented and has given his permission!

Being from the UK we can take advantage of the ESTA Visa Waiver scheme.  It costs $14 each, and they do a little background check on you and make sure you’re planning terrorist crimes and other mischief.  In fact one of the questions directly asks you if you’re planning terrorism or genocide.  Boyfriend asked why they would leave that question in there as it’s so dumb, but it’s clearly there to amuse you 45hrs into a 47hr long application.

Ok, that’s a little exaggeration.  But its does take a while, and you have to do a separate application for each traveler although you can pay for them altogether.  Obviously, you have to provide your name, address, nationality, and passport details.  But also you employer and their address, your parents names, and an emergency contact (with their email address).   You also need the address of where you’re staying in the US so you have to book your accommodation first, which is a bit annoying because if they reject your application you can’t travel and probably can’t get your hotel money back.  The it asks the silly questions about whether you’re going to commit genocide or if you have yellow fever. The for some reason you have to put your name, dob, and passport number in again.  And then you send it off and wait for them to tell you if you’re allowed in the country.

So we did ours on Sunday and are still waiting, but it’s only Tuesday (for me…I schedule posts).  They aim for 72hrs so hopefully we’ll know soon if we’re going to America or if we’ve wasted loads of money…

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New Year, New Travel Plans

Ok, so we don’t really have any plans as such…but my birthday is in April and it is the big 3-0 so I wanted to go away for it.  I haven’t really been away for my birthday the past few years, apart from travelling to and from Glasgow as my little niece’s birthday is only 4 days before mine.  But this year I want to have a special trip for my birthday, and April is a nice time to travel.  The weather is getting better (erm in the Northern hem anyway) and it’s much cheaper than a summer hol (erm as long as you miss the Easter hols). Continue reading

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Death Valley Vs Yosemite

I loved Yosemite and Death Valley, they’re both huge National Parks, with lots to see, so I thought I’d do a comparison post with some of their key differences.

Firstly the weather!  We visited both parks in April only a few days apart but the temperature was so different you feel like your in another country.  In Yosemite we could only visit Yosemite Valley in the centre of the park as they don’t start clearing the snow from the main road through the park until mid-April.  There were still mounds of snow on the side of the road as we drove through, but it was actually a really nice sunny day about (20 Celsius/ 68 Fahrenheit I’m guessing). Death Valley, however, was at least 38 Celsius/ 102 Fahrenheit.  Definitely no snow!

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San Francisco Vs Los Angeles

I loved my time in California, alas it was too short.  And I really like both San Francisco and Los Angeles but they are quite different, so I thought I’d do a comparison of the two cities.

They were both sunny and warm, very not British in their approach to weather, but San Fransisco was a little chilly and rainy at times, while LA was the place I got sunburnt as you can just about see in the photo below.  You can also see the difference in the topography i.e Frisco is very hilly  and LA is pretty flat (apart from the old Hollywood Hills in the background).  Also SF has cable cars.


San Francisco                            /                                                                                  Los Angeles

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My 5 Favourite Places

Here are my favourite five places from the last few years of traveling.

  • Mljet, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The whole holiday was awesome, but the island of Mljet is particularly beautiful.  Most of it is a national park so it’s very green, we rent bikes and rode around the island until we reached a swimming lake which was a lot of fun to swim in.  You do have to pay for the ferry, and to enter the national park, and to rent the bikes if you want them so it did get more costly than anticipated.  Still I recommend.

Unknown Person Continue reading

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Postcards from North America

These are a bunch of the postcards I’ve collected from visits to America, as well as a few I’ve received from Canada.

death valley

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Niagara Falls, Canada

I went to America when I was 18 and we crossed the border to Canada and went on the Maid in the Mist through the Niagara Falls.

We went on the Canadian side because the view is supposed to be better, we had to queue for quite a while and wear very sexy waterproof ponchos. Niagara Falls, Canada

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New York

I went to America when I was 18 and visited New York.  We took a coach tour of Manhattan and a boat tour around the island. USA New York

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